Weekly Snack & Lunch Box Ideas - From Ragi Idli, Quesadillas, Chinese Fried Rice & More

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 I love winters. With winter comes the nature’s best produce. Every year I get excited at the first sight of orange, carrot, green peas and bountiful seasonal veggies and fruits in the market. With winters slowly slipping away only to reappear the next year, let’s plan this weeks snack box and lunch box menu using the season’s fresh.

We have included recipes like ‘Gajar ka Halwa’, ‘Palak Paneer’ ,'Methi Matar Pulao' and more. We have also tried to include fresh fruits like orange and strawberries in the boxes. The snack boxes can be packed for kids age 3 and above and the lunch boxes can be packed for kids age 6 and above and even for working adults.

Print the nutri-healthy snackbox and lunchbox menu and let your family enjoy the feasts!

Lunch Box Recipes

MenuSnack Box(Kids Age 3 and above)Lunch Box(Kids Age 6 and above & Working Adults)
Monday Instant Tomato Dosa, Carrot And Apple Muffin Chole, Tawa Paratha, Curd
Tuesday Cucumber Sandwiches, Gajar Ka Halwa with nuts Methi Matar Pulao, Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita
Wednesday Whole Wheat Sweet Banana Dosa Recipe, Cashewnuts Palak Paneer, Phulka, Sliced Cucumber
Thursday Vegetable Semiya Upma, Banana Chips, Walnuts Bean Spinach & Corn Quesadilla, Orange slices
Friday Ragi Idli, Coconut Chutney, Sliced Strawberries, Almonds Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice, Mushroom Chili

Tips for Planning

The tips for planning the school lunch boxes start from the previous day and hence we have the preps listed for the day before you would need to plan.
MenuPlanning & Tips
Sunday Prepare the Instant Tomato Dosa Batter on Sunday night . Soak and possibly cook chole. Bake a batch of Carrot And Apple Muffin, you can also give some as an after-school snack throughout the week. Prepare the dove for puri/paratha and refrigerate.
Monday Cook and store Gajar Ka Halwa for tomorrow. Make sure you have peeled green peas and cleaned methi for the Methi Matar Pulao ready and also have cucumber for the sandwiches. Ensure you have all the elements for Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita ready. Prepare Green Chutney which you can reuse for making variety of sandwiches in the week. Stock your pantry with some mayonise and cream cheese.
Tuesday Make the dove for roti/ paratha and refrigerate. Make sure you have cleaned Spinach Leaves and Paneer for the Palak Paneer. Stock your refrigerator with some Cucumbers and have bananas with you. Soak Kidney beans for quesadillas to be prepared on Thursday
Wednesday Stock your pantry with some ready made semiya and banana chips. Pressure cook the kidney beans. Cook and refrigerate the stuffing for the Bean Spinach & Corn Quesadilla. Make sure you have cheese and fruits like Orange ready with you.
Thursday Prepare Ragi Idli Batter and coconut chutney. You can reuse the batter to make Ragi Dosas over the weekend. Make sure you have the vegetables cut for the fried rice and mushroom chili; have cleaned mushrooms for the Mushroom Chili and some strawberries ready to pack.