5 Indian Style Healthy Lunch/Dinner Plate Ideas

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Having meals in proportion is very important to balance our weight and have a healthy lifestyle. Planning a meal plate for our everyday meals  would be a great idea. A meal plate also helps incorporate more varieties of vegetables and pulses that in turn help in taking in more nutrition. Today, we have curated special meal plates just for you from our In-house Kitchen to help you eat better and healthy. Below are a list of 5 Meal Plates with a fusion of recipes from various regions of India. Do try them and tell us your feedback. We can't wait to hear from you.

1- Chettinad Style Meal Plate

We all love Chettinad style food for its spiciness, and making them at home is even more healthier. Try our Chettinad style meal plate idea with homemade spices that's so fresh and carries a beautiful aroma. In this Chettinad style meal plate, we have:

  1. Chettinad Muttai Masala 
  2. Chettinad Style Poondu Rasam 
  3. Andhra Style Vankaya Kothimeera Karam 
  4. Malabari Parotta Without Egg 

Everyday Lunch Plate Chettinad Egg Curry Poondu Rasama Brinjal Curry 4

2- Kashmiri Style Meal Plate

The Kashmiri meals usually is more toward the sweet side with the addition of milk, nuts and fruits. It is packed with good amount of nutrients from the fruits, nuts and vegetables. In our Kashmiri style meal plate, we have:

  1. Kashmiri Style Modur Pulao With Pomegranate 
  2. Dum Oluv 
  3. Kashmir Style Bom Chount - Wangan 
  4. Phulka 
  5. Chopped Carrot and Cucumber 

Everyday Meal Plate Kashmiri Dum Aloo Apple Baingan Pulao Phulka 1

3 - Kala Chana, Mooli Palak Sabzi and Paratha

Having good amount of carbohydrates is very essential for our body and pulses do have good carbohydrates along with proteins. Our meal plate is a nutritional plate with good amount Iron, proteins, fiber, calcium and carbohydrates from the Chana, spinach, radish and carrot that we have used. In this meal plate, we have:

  1. Kala Desi Chana 
  2. Mooli Palak Sabji 
  3. Tawa Paratha 

Everyday Meal Plate Kala Chana Mooli Palak Tawa Paratha Carrots 1

4 - Andhra Style Bendakaya Charu, Colocasia Leaves Curry and More

Sometime having a fusion of dishes from various regions is also a good idea and excites us more. This meal plate is a fusion of Andhra style, Chettinad style and Tamil Nadu style recipes. The meal plate is rich in proteins, fibre and vitamins. In this meal plate, we have:

  1. Kumbakonam Kadappa 
  2. Andhra Style Vendakaya Charu 
  3. Aloochi Bhaji 
  4. Chettinad Style Urali Roast  
  5. Phulka 
  6. Sliced Cucumber and Carrot

everyday meal plate with tharvani charu urali roast and more 2


5 - Ellu Kuzhambu, Cabbage Thoran, Tadka Raita And Roti

Those who enjoy south Indian Poriyal, you will love this meal plate. The steamed rice when had with the Poriyal and raita tastes so delicious. This meal plate is packed with proteins, good fat, fibre and carbohydrates. In this meal plate, we have:

  1. Ellu Kuzhambu Cabbage Thoran (Poriyal) 
  2. Steamed Rice 
  3. Phulka
  4. Tadka Raita 
  5. Sliced cucumber

Lunch Plate Ellu Kuzhambu Cabbage Thoran Roti Tadka Raita 2