5 Maharashtrian Side Dish Recipes Using Goda Masala

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Food is a quintessential part in all our lives. Food becomes the main topic that brings people together. As Indian is vast with various regions there are lot to be discovered in each cuisines. The local produce, the way of cooking, the geographical features will all help in molding the cuisine to be unique. Every dish has its flavor developed from the right type spice blend that has been used. So every cuisine have their own way of making their own spice blend based on the availability of the spice. The freshly ground spice mix will always create a warmth and homely flavor that can be easily identified while you taste the food. 

One of the popular cuisine that is situated in the heart of India is the Maharashtrian Cuisine which can virtually satisfy any taste buds right from sweet, salty, spicy, tangy and sour. The dishes have the perfect balance and the ingredients can be used in a lot of ways to create a scrumptious meal.

The cuisine hails from Maharashtra being the third largest state of India lies on the rugged west coastline, to its east lies the Western Ghats. The essence of the Marathi food has emerged by going through a lot of changes. The harsh climatic condition have also been a major part influencer.

As India has great trade mark for using spices in their food, Marathi food has also been differentiated by their consumption of various spices in their cooking. Few of the commonly used spices in their day to day cooking are fennel seeds (Basishep), cinnamon sticks (dalchini),  cinnamon fruit (Nagkesar), coriander seeds (Dhaney), turmeric (halad), asafetida (hinga) etc.

The state being vast, the cuisine has been divided into various communities and each community has it own set of spice mix that they prepare at home. The most spice blend that we are all aware of is the Maharastrian Goda Masala. The masala mix is almost equivalent to the Garam Masala that is used in most of the North India. It is so marvellous to know that every cook in each house will have their own way of making the Goda masala. Sometimes they increase the quantity of ingredients in order to create a better flavor. It is believed that Goda Masala is more often used by the Marathi Brahmins in most of their authentic dishes.  

The taste of the masala is quite sweet and subtle thus the name “Goda” which refers to “Goad” meaning sweet in Marathi. The masala can be used in various curries, dry subzi, dals etc. One of the main ingredients that stands out in flavor from others is the stone flower or in other words called as “Dagat fool” is very important as it creates distinct flavor.

Goda Masala


We have combine few recipes that uses the “Goda Masala” as the main flavor enhancer in the dish. The recipes are simple and can be prepared as side dish that can go along with your hot phulkas, tawa parathas or even along with your simple dal and steamed rice.

1. Maharashtrian Style Farasbi Chi Bhaji Recipe (Beans Cooked with Peanuts)                                                                                                  

It is a quickly Green beans stir fry with ground peanuts and the essence of the Goda masala which is aptly used to create a wonderful side dish for your phulkas.

Farasbi Chi Bhaji Recipe Maharashtrian Style Beans Cooked With Peanuts 6607



2. Maharastrian Style Vatana Usal Recipe (Spicy Peas Curry)                                                                                                         

This recipe is a great way to use your legumes to make a delicious curry that can be had for your morning breakfast with hot puris by the side. The legumes are cooked in tomato and onion flavored curry that has the right spice levels from the “Goda Masala”.

Vatana Usal Dry Peas Curry


3. Maharashtrian Style Matki Bhaji Recipe (Green Beans And Sprouted Moth Beans)                                                                

Sprouted moth beans are popular among the Marathi food. The dish has a combination of green beans and sprouted moth beans which is mixed with Goda masala that brings out the right flavor of the dish.

Beans and Matki Bhaji Maharashtrian style curry made with green beans and sprouted moth beans


4. Maharashtrian Style Turichya Danyanchi Usal (Fresh Green Tuvar/Pigeon Peas Curry)                                                          

This is Yet again a simple and easy curry made with freshly removed pigeon green beans from their pod. It is then simmered with Goda masala and kokum peels to create a delectable side dish.

Turichya Danyanchi Usal Maharashtrian style Fresh green TuvarPigeon peas curry


5. No Onion No Garlic Sweet Pepper Sabji Recipe 

If one is looking for a quick side dish that requires less time for cooking, then this is the right recipe that will cater to your needs. The colors from the bell peppers stands out really well.                                                                                                                                                

Sweet Pepper sabji Nooniongarlic colred peppers sabji