7 Tea Recipes That You Must Try To Freshen Up Your Day

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A cup of tea makes everything better! True, just a cup of bliss can make you fresh and leaves you energetic for the entire day. Whether its time to wake up in the morning or a headache due to work overload, answer to everything is ‘tea’. In Indian households, it is seen that every morning starts with a cup of tea and this tradition is going on from years. The first thing we do in morning is to go in the kitchen and light the stove to make tea.

Not only in the morning, but most of us need this cup of freshness in evening also, mostly when we return home after work or still at our workplace trying to finish up the pending work. Taking a tea break always helps us to think properly and focus on our work more.

Most of the people prefer milk tea in the morning, but some people do prefer different types of tea other than milk tea like lemon tea, green tea or black tea. Therefore, we have lined up some tea recipes for you that you can enjoy according to your taste and preference.

1. Masala Chai (Indian Spiced Tea)

Masala Chai is the delicious preparation of tea from India that is made with a combination of spices. Among the all the chai varieties, the one infused with ginger is an all time favorite and by adding spices like black pepper and cinnamon or cardamom makes me get into a refreshed and relaxed state of mind. 

Masala Chai

2. Simple Lemon Tea

Simple Lemon Tea Recipe is a saviour when you want to destress from your daily chores. A sip of tea and calm moment to savour it is all we need to feel great and get ideas for resolving day to day challenges in life as well. Lemon is squeezed into hot water and sweetened with demerara sugar to prepare this tea.

Simple Lemon Tea

3. Ginger Lemon Black Tea

Ginger Lemon Black Tea Recipe is a simple beverage that can be very addictive. Since it is healthy and made with lemons, with no milk added at all, we can safely say that it is a healthy addiction! 

Ginger Black Tea


4. Chamomile Tea

Starting the day with a cup of chamomile tea is like having a bit of sunshine in your cup in the morning. The chamomile also has medicinal properties, is also a weed that is available largely in India and many parts of Asia. Its flowers are sun dried or dried in controlled environment to preserve their goodness and made into tea. The rich smoothness when you take every sip is so delectable and lovable.

Chamomile Tea 

5. Adrak Chai

The Adrak Chai Recipe is a spicy and delicious version of the Indian style tea that is flavored with freshly grated ginger. The tea leaves are brewed in water along with ginger and then simmered for a few seconds in milk.  It's a tea, that clears up your sinus and great when you have sore throat or a cold.

Adrak Chai

6. Cinnamon Spiced Black Lemon Tea

Cinnamon Spiced Black Lemon Tea Recipe is a refreshing recipe made with lemon, cinnamon, and black tea leaves. Tea lovers are always excited to bring in a twist in their daily tea and this is a lovely variation which you could make, with brewing cinnamon with the black tea and swirling i the lemon juice as well into it.

Cinnamon Spiced Black Lemon Tea

7. Green Tea

Green Tea recipe is not just an evening beverage but can be had anytime during the day to lift up your spirits. Made from dried or fresh green tea leaves, this tea balances our energy with a boost of positivity in every sip.

Green Tea