Breakfast Bowl : Ajwain Puri,Chole Pindi,Thecha,Raw Papitha No Sambharo & Halwa

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Our Breakfast bowl is back again with an interesting option of puri, chole pindi, thecha, stir fried papaya, fruits and end it with a delicious gajar halwa. As we had mentioned earlier that we usually do breakfast meal plates but adding color and texture to the meal will also help you change your eating habits. So we thought we will do something different which looks interesting and appetising this time.

This week we bring you a North Indian style breakfast bowl which includes Puri,Chole pindi, Thecha, Stir fried papaya, Fruits & Halwa . This makes for a perfect Sunday Breakfast or any day when you have a holiday. The crispy puri goes really well with the tangy and spicy chana, an exciting green chilli thecha, tangy raw papaya stir fry. Finally a small bowl of gajar halwa will help you satisfy your sweet craving at the end. 

1. Chole Pindi Recipe (Spicy Chickpea Curry)

A very traditional recipe from the North India made from chickpeas that are spicy and tangy packed with flavors from ginger and lemon. The Pindi Chola can with made from either regular white chickpeas or the dark brown variety called the desi chana.Chickpeas make for a very nutritious and healthy diet. It reduces cholesterol, prevents constipation and helps prevent digestive disorders.

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Pindi Chana Recipe

2. Maharashtrian Green Chilli Thecha Recipe

An exciting side dish had along with many of the Maharashtrian thalipeeth. The spicy green chilli and the pungent garlic is coarsely ground and tempered with mustard seeds, hing to give it a spicy chatpata taste. 

Green Chilli Thecha

3. Raw Papitha No Sambharo Recipe

A hot papaya stir fry that is served along with Fafda and kadhi when you walk into the streets of Gujarat early in the morning. In this recipe the raw papaya is stir fried along with green chillies and salt making it absolutely refreshing and tasty for breakfast.

Raw Papitha No Sambharo Recipe


4.  Ajwain Puri

Ajwain Puri Recipe is a very simple Indian unleavened bread which is made from wheat flour and flavoured with a pinch of turmeric and some toasted Ajwain seeds.The bread is deep fried in peanut oil which gives it a crispy and puffed texture. Ajwain seeds have a very distinctive aroma which gives the bread a unique taste.

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Ajwain Puri

5. Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe (Quick & Easy Indian Carrot Pudding)

A traditional North Indian sweet dish which can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Made with simple ingredients, especially the red variety of carrots popular in North India, this Carrot Pudding is typically enjoyed during winters. However, it can be made with regular carrots too, available year round. Traditionally, this halwa is made using khoya (condensed milk) and ghee, with lots of dry fruits, making this a rich dessert. This recipe calls for reduced fat milk, which gives it a lighter feel, keeping its classic comforting texture and consistency.

Carrot Halwa Recipe