High Protein Breakfast: Broccoli Paneer Sandwich & Banana Date Smoothie

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There are some of us who love to sit down and have an elaborate breakfast and some of us do not have that luxury because of multiple things to do in the morning or having to to beat the traffic, we want to leave early. But one commonality is that we do not want to miss breakfast. So those of us who do not have a lot of time in the morning, should not miss out on a nutritious meal because we all know that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

So to that effect, we at Archana's Kitchen have put together a scrumptious Breakfast Meal plate of Broccoli Paneer Sandwich and a Banana Date Smoothie. The Broccoli Paneer stuffing takes less that 30 minutes to make and even be prepared the previous night. While your sandwich maker is grilling your sandwich you can just add roughly chopped bananas, dates and milk in a blender and whip up your smoothie. You can even wrap up your sandwich in a foil pack and the smoothie in a to go container and eat on your way to office or even at your desk in office. 

1. Broccoli Paneer Sandwich

Broccoli when cooked correctly adds a lot of nutritional value to our meals including that of antioxidants, Vitamins K, amino acids and folate which aids in maintaining bone health. With high levels of calcium in the paneer, the combination of Broccoli and Paneer is the best way to start off a morning. 

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2. Banana Date Smoothie

A delicious and thick concoction of banana and dates makes for a perfect addition to the Broccoli Paneer Sandwich making you feel full and keeping you that way for a long time. Dates are high in Iron and Bananas provide high dietary fibre and with the addition of milk, the smoothie adds the extra lick of deliciousness and makes for a perfect way to begin a day. 

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Banana Date Smoothie Recipe