Menthya Matvadi Palya Recipe - Madhwa Brahmin Style Methi-Chana Dal Sabzi

Matwadi Palya Recipe is essentially a Madhwa Brahmin Style Methi-Chana Dal Sabzi which uses ground masala which is steamed and then mixed with the other sauteed ingredients like fenugreek leaves. This side dish is great for high protein vegetarian diet since methi and dal are rich in proteins. In addition, methi is a source of ample iron. Serve Matwadi Palya Recipe (Madhwa Brahmin Style Methi-Chana Dal Sabzi) along with Tawa paratha, Karnataka Special Huli Tovve Recipe and steamed ...

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Huli Soppu Saaru Recipe - Karnataka Style Mixed Greens Sambar

Huli Soppu Saaru Recipe is a traditional Karnataka Style Sambar made using a mix of greens. We have used fresh spinach, fenugreek leaves and amaranth for this recipe. The freshly ground sambar masala adds a rustic flavour to the dish. Huli Soppu Saaru Recipe is also known as Ulsoppu in many regions of the state of Karnataka. It is a perfect accompaniment for the Mudde (Ragi Balls) as well as steamed rice. Serve Huli Soppu Saaru Recipe (Karnataka Style Mixed Greens Sambar) along with Steamed Rice, ...

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Ellu Chutney Recipe - Sesame Seeds Chutney Recipe

Ellu Chutney also known as the Sesame Seeds Chutney Recipe is one of the popular accompaniment recipes from South India. It is usually made using black sesame. Sesame with its nutty taste and flavor gives a unique taste to this til ki chutney. Serve Ellu Chutney (Sesame Seeds Chutney Recipe) as a side dish to your favorite idli / dosa recipe. If you are looking for more chutney recipes, here are a few more Beetroot and Fig Chutney Recipe Tamil Nadu Style Vazha Thandu Thogayal Recipe (Banana ...

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एल्लु चटनी रेसिपी - Ellu Chutney Recipe

एल्लु चटनी रेसिपी एक बहुत ही प्रसिद्ध रेसिपी है जिसे दक्षिण भारत के घरो में बनाया जाता है. इसमें काले तिल का प्रयोग किया जाता है. यह एक आसान रेसिपी है और इसे आप अपने सुबह के नाश्ते के साथ भी परोस सकते है.  एल्लु चटनी रेसिपी को घी रोस्ट डोसा और टमाटर प्याज सांबर के साथ सुबह के नाश्ते के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है  धनिया पुदीना चटनी रेसिपी चना दाल की चटनी रेसिपी गाजर की चटनी रेसिपी 

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Gorikayi Palya Recipe - Karnataka Style Gawar Phali Sabzi

Gorikayi Palya is a dry sabzi recipe prepared with cluster beans or gawar phali. This is an easy recipe with scraped fresh coconut and spices. This makes a great recipe for lunch box as well. Make this Gorikayi Palya for lunch or dinner and serve along with Thandu Keerai Sambar, Steamed Rice and Elai Vadam. If you like this recipe, explore more of our Cluster Bean Recipes such as: Crispy Gawar Phali Sabzi Recipe Gavar Pumpkin Sabji Recipe Gavar Ki Sabji Recipe (Cluster Beans Curry)

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Kodubale Recipe - Tea Time Snack From Karnataka

Kodubale is a traditional Karnataka tea time snack that is absolutely delicious. Although this recipes needs a little effort, the taste makes it absolutely worth it to make it at home. Try this recipe for festivals like Diwali and share with family and friends. Serve Kodubale Recipe (A Festive Snack From Karnataka) along with Irani Chai Recipe. If you like this recipe, here are more snacks to make for tea time Baked Palak Ki Mathri Recipe  Diwali Cornflakes Mixture Recipe (A ...

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Khara Avalakki Recipe (Karnataka Style Poha)

Khara Avalakki Recipe (Karnataka Style Poha) is very popularly made for breakfast or a evening tiffin in Karnataka. It is a quick snack made from beaten rice that is spiced and flavored with coconut and an aromatic seasoning. Serve the Khara Avalakki along with a Green Coriander and Coconut Chutney Recipe or simply as it is along with a strong filter coffee.  If you like this breakfast recipe, you can also make other breakfasts like Karnataka Style Sooji Upma Recipe With Coconut Spicy ...

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Karnataka Style Guliappa Recipe (Gundponglu/Paniyaram/Paddu)

Guliappa also known as Gundponglu or Paniyaram or Paddu is a delicious breakfast dish that is made from the dosa batter. If you are tired of having just dosa's, this is a great dish to bring flavors and textures. They are bite sized and make a great snack box for children as well. Serve Karnataka Style Guliappa Recipe (Gundponglu/Paniyaram/Paddu) with Karanataka Style Goraikai Kara Recipe (Cluster Beans Chutney Recipe) or Red Chilli Coconut Chutney Recipe (South Indian ...

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Sooji Upma Recipe With Coconut

This Sooji Upma Recipe with Coconut makes a delicious a hot and savory breakfast dish. It is traditionally prepared with with rava also known as sooji or semolina and topped with a generous amount of coconut to add to the taste. Serve Karnataka Style Sooji Upma Recipe With Coconut with South Indian Coconut Chutney or curds with Instant Carrot Pickle Recipe and also pair it with Pineapple Kesari Bhath Recipe for a traditional breakfast. If you like this recipe, ...

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Drumstick Leaves Ragi Roti Recipe - Moringa Millet Flat Bread

The Drumstick Leaves Ragi Roti Recipe is a healthy roti recipe that is made from ragi flour, packed with the goodness of  drumstick leaves and flavored with green chillies and ginger. This Drumstick leaves Ragi Roti has to be made fresh and served hot straight from the stove. If made and kept, it tends to get brittle and hard and does not remain soft. If you are looking for an indian diabetic breakfast, then you can serve the Drumstick Leaves Ragi Roti Recipe along with Mooli ...

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Mysore Chutney Recipe - Chana Dal Chutney

Mysore Chutney is a delicious South Indian condiment which goes well with dosas and other south indian delicacies. It is very famous in Karnataka and is prepared in most of the households. Mysore chutney is easy to make. All the ingredients like roasted chana dal, dry red chillies, tamarind salt, coconut, curry leaves, ginger are ground together to make a flavourful chutney. There is no tadka or tempering added to the chutney. Mysore Chutney enhances the flavour of any dish and can be stored for ...

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Pineapple Kesari Bhath Recipe - Sweet Semolina Pudding

Pineapple Kesari Bhath Recipe is one of the most common, traditional dishes in Karnataka. The Kesari Bhath is a must during weddings for breakfast and is usually served along with Khara bhath (upma). It is simple to make and taste delicious. You can make this Pineapple Kesari Bhath  wherever you are craving something sweet. Make for your kids as an after school snack or during festivals and serve to your guests.  Serve the Pineapple Kesari Bhat along with Khara Bhath-Rava Upma for ...

मूंगफली चटनी पोड़ी रेसिपी - Peanut Chutney Podi Recipe

मूंगफली चटनी पोड़ी रेसिपी एक स्वादिष्ट मेल है जिसमे सेकी हुई मूंगफली, लहसुन, जीरा, इमली, कढ़ी पत्ता और हरी मिर्च का प्रयोग किया जाता है. यह बहुत ही आसान रेसिपी है और आप इसे कहीं दिनों तक स्टोर करके भी रख सकते है. आप इसे इडली, डोसा, उपमा या किसी भी अन्य डिश के साथ परोस सकते है.  मूंगफली चटनी पोड़ी रेसिपी को घी रोस्ट डोसा, नारियल की चटनी और फ़िल्टर कॉफी के साथ सुबह के नाश्ते के लिए परोसे।   

Tomato pulao Recipe

This Tomato pulao is a Karnataka style recipe with tomatoes and rice cooked in a melange of spices ground to paste. This one pot wonder makes for a perfect relaxed spicy Sunday brunch. Tomato pulao is liked by people of all ages. You could make the same in a pressure cooker as well to save time. It is a great pulao recipe to make if you do not have vegetables at home.  Serve Tomato pulao with Burani Raita or any other raita of your choice for a delicious meal. If you like this recipe, ...

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Karnataka Style Kashi Halwa Recipe With Ash Gourd

Karnataka Style Kashi Halwa Recipe With Ash Gourd is an authentic Udupi style recipe. Udupi Recipes are popular around the world and is known for its delectable Sattvic Vegetarian Cuisine. White Pumpkin or Ash gourd is used in this recipe. Ash gourd is known as petha in Hindi, poosanikai in Tamil and kumbalanga in Malayalam. Ash gourd is grated and cooked till soft then sugar and ghee is added and it is  flavoured with saffron and cardamom. Saffron strands added to the halwa gives a beautiful ...

Karnataka Style Aralu Sandige Recipe - Puffed Paddy Fryums

Aralu Sandige Recipe - Puffed Paddy Fryums is a traditional age old summer special recipe from Karnataka. Now popular mostly through commercially prepared store bought sandige. During early days, Sandige were made in bulk, sun dried and stored to use regularly till the next summer. Making Karnataka Style Aralu Sandige Recipe at home is easy when you have ample sunlight. These Sandige is mildly flavoured with cumin seeds and green chili paste which makes these super tasty. You can even fry and ...

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Masala Roti Recipe-Soft and Spicy Indian Flat Bread

Soft and Spicy Masala Roti Recipe is a delicious Indian flat bread with the goodness of pearl millet or bajra, finger millet or ragi, maize or makai, oatmeal and whole wheat flour. This Soft and Spicy Indian Flat Bread has the right mix of various millets and spices making it a nutritious wholesome food.  Did you know: Millet provides a host of nutrients, has a sweet nutty flavor, and is considered to be one of the easily digestible and non-allergenic flat bread available. Millet's ...

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Hurali Kalu Chutney Recipe - Horse Gram Chutney Recipe

Hurali Kalu Chutney Recipe - Horse Gram Chutney Recipe is a spicy chutney made from the horse gram, which is. The lentil is rich in iron content and is very important for pregnant women. It is also packed with plant based protein. Horse gram also possess the ability to reduce blood sugar content in the blood and help to reduce the insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics. Include Horse gram in your diet by having it as Hurali Kalu Chutney. Hurali Kalu Chutney Recipe stays good in the refrigerator ...

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Chicken Donne Biryani Recipe - Bangalore Shivaji Military Style

Chicken Donne Biryani Recipe, is found and sold by many vendors and restaurants in almost all over the city of Bangalore. The Biryani is made using the South Indian special rice called Seeraga Samba/Jeeraga Samba rice, which is cooked in a freshly ground masala of fresh coriander and mint leaves along with some whole spices  In Bangalore, a very popular restaurant named 'Shivaji Military Hotel' serves the best Donne Biryani in town. Traditionally the biryani  prepared in ...

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Karnataka Style Gorai Kai Kara Recipe - Cluster Beans Chutney

Karnataka Style Gorai Kai Kara Recipe (Cluster Beans Chutney Recipe) is a creamy and spicy chutney made from cluster beans. It is a good way to include the beans in your daily diet. To make this chutney,  Cluster beans are stir fried along with onions and peanuts and then grinded into a smooth a creamy mixture to make this chutney. Later, a tempering is added in the chutney to give it more taste and flavour. Cluster Beans in other names called as goraikai or Gavar is rich in vitamins and minerals. ...

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Karnataka Style Ragi Ujju Rotti Recipe

Karnataka Style Ragi Ujju Rotti Recipe is a simple and easy Indian flat bread recipe made with ragi, the super millet. Quick to make with pre-cooked dough and healthy, Ragi Ujju Rotti are a great breakfast and lunch box idea. Ragi is a good source of protein and high in minerals and it is a great option for diabetics. This Ujju Rotti recipe is perfect way to include ragi in the daily meals for growing toddlers and kids. Serve Karnataka Style Ragi Ujju Rotti Recipe along with Steamed Vegetable in ...

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येले कडुबु और प्याज की चटनी रेसिपी - Yele Kadubu Recipe With Sweet And Spicy Onion Chutney

येले कडुबु और प्याज की चटनी रेसिपी एक सरल और सेहतमंद रेसिपी है जिसे कर्नाटक में बनाया जाता है. आप इसे अपने स्नैक के लिए बना सकते है. येले कडुबु को तीखी और मीठी प्याज की चटनी के साथ परोसा जाता है जोस इसे और भी स्वादिष्ट बनाती है.  येले कडुबु और प्याज की चटनी रेसिपी को मसाला चाय के साथ शाम के स्नैक के लिए परोसे।   

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Sabsige Soppu Palya Recipe - Udupi Style Dill Leaves Stir Fry

Sabsige Soppu Palya Recipe is a simple udupi style dill leaves stir fry with grated coconut. Make sure that you don't overcook the greens, else they leave a very strong after-taste on the taste buds. Dill leaves are used very much in the state of Karnataka. They are added in the numerous recipes - akki roti, paddu, masala vadas. The leaves render a very unique flavour to the dish. Do you know it is highly beneficial to reduce the fatty acids, cholesterol and even epilepsy, when consumed regularly.  Serve ...

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Karwar Style Karatya Kismore Recipe - Sweet Tangy Bitter Gourd Sabzi

Karwar Style Karatya Kismore Recipe - Sweet and Tangy Bitter Gourd Sabzi is made from a crunchy sliced bitter gourd, tossed with a tangy and sweet sauce that forms the authentic flavors of Karwar Cuisines.  Bitter gourd is a vegetable with lot of bitterness, so therefore the bitterness can be reduced by adding jaggery and tamarind. In that way the bitter can be easily relished along with your other dishes.  The recipe is very simple and should be served as soon as it is made as the ...

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