Soft & Delicious Ragi Mudde Recipe - Karnataka Style Ragi Balls

Ragi Mudde Recipe is a delicious Karnataka dish made from ragi flour that is cooked and flavored with ghee and shaped into balls. Give this wholesome diabetic friendly recipe a try and serve along Chicken Saaru or Soppu Saaru for lunch or dinner.

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Ragi Mudde Recipe is an authentic dish of Karnataka. It is most of the staple food for farmers who live in the rural parts of Karnataka. It is always an art to make this at everyone’s house as you need to get the proportion right and even the technique followed by each family will be different.

Usually Ragi mudde is made on a sauce pot with water being boiled and then we add ragi flour and whisked till it thickens. The Ragi mixture is slightly cooled and shaped into balls. Ragi is a staple ingredient from Karnataka and is used in many forms. Ragi is rich in carbohydrates and Fiber. A popular finger millet which can also be a part of Diabetic diet.

Did you know Ragi is rich in calcium, helps in weight loss, has a high fiber content, battles anemia, reduces blood cholesterol and also regulates blood sugar levels. Because of its low glycemic index, it helps reduce food cravings and slows down absorption of starch, thus helps in regulating the blood sugar for diabetic.

Serve the Ragi Mudde Recipe along with Chicken Saaru, or Huli Soppu Saaru Recipe and Sabbasige palya to enjoy your lunch.

The Ragi Mudde Recipe can also be served for an Indian Diabetic Lunch or dinner along with a Sabbasige palya and Raita.

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Cuisine: Karnataka
Course: Lunch
Diet: Diabetic Friendly
Prep in

10 M

Cooks in

45 M

Total in

55 M


4 Ragi Mudde


  • 2-1/2 cups Hot water
  • 1 cup Ragi Flour (Finger Millet/ Nagli)
  • 2 tablespoons Ghee
  • Salt , to taste

How to make Soft & Delicious Ragi Mudde Recipe - Karnataka Style Ragi Balls

  1. To begin making the Ragi Mudde Recipe, heat 2-1/2 cups of water in a saucepan and add salt to it.

  2. Once it starts to boil, reduce the flame and add 3 tablespoons of ragi flour and whisk till there are no lumps formed and it slowly starts to thicken.

  3. Now, add the remaining ragi flour spoon by spoon and keep stirring so that there are no lumps.

  4. Make sure the heat is on low and ensure you keep stirring until it thickens completely. If you are making a larger quantity, then cover with a lid and leave the ragi aside to cook for about 5 minutes, until you notice it has thickened.

  5. Once you notice the ragi has thickened, continue stirring and add 2 tablespoons of ghee and keep stirring until you see the ragi has got a shine on it. It takes a good 10 minutes to make ragi mudde from 1 cup of ragi flour.

  6. Give the ragi mudde a taste and it should not feel raw.

  7. In order to shape ragi mudde to balls, grease a bowl with oil or ghee. Place 2 large tablespoons of ragi mudde and start twirling it around till it forms a nice smooth ball. 

  8. Once done, the ragi mudde can be served hot. Note that the ragi mudde needs to be shaped into a ball while it is hot. Using a small bowl, helps in shaping the ragi mudde.

  9. Serve the Ragi Mudde Recipe along with Chicken Saaru, or Huli Soppu Saaru Recipe and Sabbasige palya to enjoy your lunch.

  10. The Ragi Mudde Recipe can also be served for an Indian Diabetic Lunch or dinner along with a Sabbasige palya and Raita.