Boiled Eggs Recipe

Boiled Eggs Recipe is a simple recipe which can be a protein booster in the morning or as a mid meal time snack. But though the boiled eggs seems simple enough to prepare, we could either undercook or overcook the eggs. You can carry a boiled egg along with lunch to office, college or school, or have them seasoned with a dash of salt and pepper. These boiled eggs can also be included in making Nargisi Kofta Recipe, Egg Roast Curry Recipe or in making simple Stuffed Deviled Eggs with ...

How To Make Homemade Caramelised Onions

Caramelised Onions are a great addition to several basic Indian staples like biryanis and pulaos, but also continental dishes like tarts or pies. Making caramelised onions at home is simple and easy. All you need is some patience in slicing the onions and more patience and love in slowly caramelising it at the lowest possible heat, until they are uniformly golden brown. The process of slow cooking allows the onions to release their natural sugars and that is what gets caramelised in the presence ...

How To Make Ragi Sprouts At Home

Sprouts offer an increased nutrition in any case. When we are preparing recipes like ragi kanji, or Sweet Ragi Malt Recipe, sprouted ragi provides more nutrition than otherwise. You can also make sprouted ragi cutlets with these. This sprouted and dried ragi, can then be dry ground to powder and be made into malt for babies above 6 months. This flour made of sprouted ragi is believed to be more smoother on stomach and can be digested sooner. Sprouting increases the protein content of ragi. Make ...

Instant Dosa Mix Powder Recipe

Instant Dosa Mix Powder Recipe is a ready to make dosa powder mix that every working person needs to have it stocked up in their kitchen. The dosa mix does not require any soaking or fermenting needed. It is a mix if various pulses like toor dal, channa dal, urad dal and grains like sooji rice and semolina. The ingredients are ground well and then ground into a smooth powder. In order to make the batter you just have to mix it with sufficient curd and water and bring it to a dosa batter consistency ...

Homemade Paneer Recipe

Homemade Paneer Recipe is a simple dish to make at home. All you need is a heavy sauce pan, milk, lemon and a fine mesh strainer. Why buy paneer from the markets when you can make it right in your own kitchen.  Paneer us an all time favorite cheese in India is used in ever so many dishes. Be it main course, an appetizer, a sweet, it has continued to stay as a favorite through generations.The soft juicy nature of paneer enables it to absorb the various flavors and spices as required for a recipe.It ...

Homemade Tamarind Paste Recipe

We always buy tamarind paste from market but it is very easy to make it at home.Try this Homemade Tamarind Paste Recipe once at home. You can well preserve tamarind paste in refrigerator for about a month in air tight jar. Prepare this tamarind paste to use it as and when needed. Many of the Indian curries and most of the South Indian Sambar recipes include this tamarind paste as an ingredient. You can also use in Puli Koozh Recipe (Rice Flour Porridge In Tamarind Recipe) Tamarind Chilli Potato ...

How to make Homemade Tomato Puree Recipe (Sauce)

Tomato Puree (Sauce) Recipe is a great way to make the base for things like salsa sauce, marinara sauce, pasta or pizza sauce and Indian curries, sabzis and gravy dishes, ahead of time. By pre cooking the tomatoes you strain out the excess water from the tomatoes and get a thick base that makes the beginning for many recipes. Also since the tomatoes are precooked, it also helps save time and make any particular dish much quicker than usual. You can store this tomato puree in the refrigerator for ...

How to Cook Green Beans in a Pressure Cooker

Steaming and cooking vegetables in a pressure cooker consumes less time and of course saves energy too. Steaming green beans in pressure cooker is simple quick and easy. It is important to use very less water in cooking and release the pressure immediately to retain the green color.

How To Make Preserved Pineapple Recipe

Preserved Pineapple Recipe is one way of having pineapples preserved when the pineapple is in its harvesting season. Pineapple can be used in many recipes like rasams to continental fruit cakes and upside down cakes. This recipe comes in handy when you need pineapples when they are not in season. You can also do this recipe in bulk and store it up in larger airtight jars or to give away as a small edible souvenirs in your home parties in cute small glass jars. Here are a few more simple recipes ...

Peanut Milk Recipe

Peanut milk is a replacement for cow’s milk and an option for these seeking an alternative nut milk. Unlike the almond milk, it needs to be cooked through to bring out the creamy texture and nutty taste. Serve Peanut Milk during your tea time with healthy snacks like Healthy Vegetable Paratha Rolls and Chewy Strawberry Muesli Oats Cookie. If you like this recipe, you can also try other similar recipes such as Almond Milk Recipe Breakfast Granola Recipe Almond Butter Recipe

Makhan Recipe (Homemade Butter)

Making butter at home is very easy to make and just ready with only two ingredients within few minutes. In olden days, making makhan was a regular practise at home and was usually served with the rotis and parathas. Serve Makhan on Aloo Paratha, Mooli Paratha or any other Paratha of your choice. If you like this recipe, you can also try other basic recipes such as Blanch Tomato Recipe Blanch Almond Recipe Homemade Almond Milk Recipe

How To Make Homemade Raisins

Raisins are dried grapes. Homemade raisins look a bit strange and skinny, but they are very tasty and easy to make. You can make your own raisins at home easily in the summer season. If any of your grapes rot or get damp after 5 days of drying under the sun, remove them from the tray. Dry grapes will shrivel and turn to raisins, they won't rot. When raisins are ready you can store them in a container and use when you want. Here are more of our basic recipes  How to Smoke Food Using Charcoal ...

Homemade Herb Butter Recipe

Having a Homemade Herb Butter ready in your refrigerator can get really handy when you want to make a quick garlic bread or even toss a pasta with vegetables or add a punch to steamed vegetables with the herb butter. Make this Homemade Herb Butter Recipe and refrigerate it for about a month and use it as required.

Homemade Tamarind Water Recipe

Tamarind Water is a tangy extract of dried tamarind that has been soaked in warm water. While store-bought pastes and extracts are easily available, nothing can replicate the taste and freshness of homemade tamarind extract. Not to mention, you will have control over the amount of water you use, and you will skip all the added preservatives and additives that go into bottled and packaged pastes and sauces. It takes just a few extra minutes, but the depth of flavour this homemade extract lends will ...

How to Cook Root Vegetables like Potatoes using a Pressure Cooker

Cooking root vegetables and spuds like potatoes becomes much easier when you use a pressure cooker. It saves time, energy and also retains the nutrition. You also have greater control on how much the vegetable gets cooked, and how much excess water remains. Cooked potatoes and other spuds are useful when making recipes that call for mashed potatoes like Rajma Galouti Kebab or other spuds like Arbi/Colocasia used in Arbi Ke Kebab or even yams, as used in this Jimikand Ke Kebab.

How To Cook Legumes in a Pressure Cooker & Sauce Pan

To cook legumes, there are essentially two factors that determine the amount of water and the duration required to cook different types legumes. Both the amount of water and time needed depend on the age of the pulses - the older the pulse, the longer it takes to cook. Since there is no way to tell how old the pulse is, it is a good practice to shop from stores that have steady sales and replenish their stocks frequently. Take care not to purchase beans that look stale, have holes in them caused ...

How to Make Tutty Fruity Recipe

Tutti Fruity Recipe is a colored combination of candied fruits. Here I have made Tutti Fruity with Papaya. These can be used for decorating cakes, cookies, custard ice creams and other desserts which require decorating. Add saffron strands as coloring agent or you can also use food colors to make colorful Tutti Fruity. Here is a step by step instruction on how to make Tutti Fruity at home.

How to Blanch Tomatoes Recipe

How to blanch tomatoes is a super easy and wonderful technique to remove the raw taste of tomatoes and also gives a soft texture to the dish.Blanching refers to immersing in a boiling water for few seconds to half cook them. The blanched tomatoes can be used in various dishes to make a curry, or to just use it in a chutney or salad.  By blanching tomatoes, the skin comes out easily and can be removed if it is not required for few dishes, as it is hard to smash them. The tomatoes used for blanching ...

How To Make All Purpose Pie Crust Recipe

The Easy Pie Crust Recipe also known as the all-purpose pie crust or a tart crust is extremely easy to make at home. These pie crusts when baked and kept handy, can be used to quickly serve a dessert or an appetizer.This crust can be made by food processor or by hand. Either way, it is critical to work quickly to avoid the gluten and to preserve a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture. It is great to have a rolled out and crimped pie crust ready and waiting in the freezer. Well sealed in a freezer ...

How to Cook Vegetables in a Pressure Cooker

Steaming and cooking vegetables in a pressure cooker consumes less time and of course saves energy too. You can cook vegetables like carrots, beetroot, beans, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, radish, cauliflower, cabbage and any such light vegetables  like spinach that has  water content in them.

How to blanch Almonds

How to blanch Almonds is a very quick method and easy to be prepared. The blanched almonds can be used for various purposes like In dips , gravies, or even for making Party Drinks. This is done become certain dishes require to use skinless almonds to give it a smooth texture to the dish.  This is more effective method than buying skinless almonds or almond flour from the store. Now you can start using the blanched almonds for various purposes like for the Thandai Recipes. If you are looking ...

Homemade Whole Wheat Crepes Recipe

This Homemade Whole Wheat Crepe Recipe is a twist from the traditional crepe that is made it France. After watching crepes made first-hand at a Creperie on the streets of France, I have finally figured it out. This recipe uses whole wheat and eggs, but the result is a delicious and healthy crepe, which can be used as the base for several sweet and savoury varieties of crepes. Delicious, healthy and versatile, crepes are an excellent breakfast as well as brunch option.

Homemade Spring Roll Wrapper Recipe

Homemade Spring Roll Wrappers are really easy to make. It is very similar to the crepe and all you need, is a good-quality nonstick pan and your wrappers will be ready in a jiffy. You can use the wrappers to make Mini Samosas, Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Rolls and Wontons.  

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