A Lunch From Grand Mother's Kitchen- Vathal Kuzhambu, Vazhaipoo Paruppu Usili & More

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A finger licking good South Indian meal, is this absolutely comforting meal of vathal kuzhambu served with some piping hot rice and a side of vazhapoo paruppu usli, and some curd to go along with it. 

A spicy tamarind curry, with berries is this traditional vathal kuzhambu that you can't stop eating. Served over some hot rice. 

The side dish is a super healthy combination of banana flower combined with steamed lentils that goes perfectly well with this meal, adding not just great textures to the meal but lovely flavours, with super healthy ingredients. 

No South Indian meal is complete without curd. Curd is a must, whether you eat it as is, at the end of the meal or combine it with steamed rice to have curd rice. Curd is packed with calcium, and cooling, great to finish your meal with. 

This nourishing South Indian meal will leave you licking your fingers, simply asking for more.