केरला स्टाइल अंडा काजू करी रेसिपी - Kerala Style Egg Cashew Curry Recipe

केरला स्टाइल अंडा काजू करी रेसिपी एक केरला कोस्टल रेसिपी है जिसमे उबले हुए अंडो को काजू की करी में डाला जाता है. आप इस सब्ज़ी को अपने घर आये हुए मेहमानो के लिए बना सकते है या फिर अपने हाउस पार्टीज ...

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Nei Appam Recipe Using Rice Flour

Appam is a simple dish that can be whipped up in minutes. It is perfect for breakfast, snack box or as a snack in the evening along with some hot coffee or chai. Nei Appam is a sweet version of the appam and is favourite among the kids. Serve hot Nei Appams on it's own with South Indian Coconut Chutney for breakfast or snacks as they are perfect to have while enjoying the rains this monsoon season. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Appam recipes such as Kerala Style Appam No ...

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Chemmeen Muringakka Curry Recipe -Prawn Drumstick Curry

Chemmeen Muringakka Curry Recipe is a curry that is cooked with fresh whole prawns in a ground coconut masala. The curry is so comforting to be had for a nice Sunday brunch along with steamed rice. The masala is made using fresh coconut, coriander seeds, dry red chillies, onions and turmeric which is well roasted in the pan till it releases nice flavour and it is then ground to a smooth paste and then finally stewed along with prawns and drumsticks. Serve the Chemmeen Muringakka Curry Recipe along ...

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पम्पकिन एरीसेरी रेसिपी - Pumpkin Erissery Recipe

पम्पकिन एरीसेरी रेसिपी केरला की पारम्परिक रेसिपी है जिसे ओणम सदया पर या दूसरे त्योहारों के लिए बनाया जाता है. बनाने में आसान और खाने में स्वादिष्ट इस सब्ज़ी में पम्पकिन और नारियल का प्रयोग किया ...

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बेक्ड चाइनीज़ आलू रेसिपी - Baked Chinese Potato Recipe

बेक्ड चाइनीज़ आलू रेसिपी एक सेहतमंद रेसिपी है जो बहुत कम समय में बन जाती है. इसे बनाने के लिए बहुत कम तेल का प्रयोग किया जाता है. आप इसे स्नैक की तरह ता अपने खाने के साथ साइड डिश की तरह परोस सकते है. बेक्ड चाइनीज़ आलू रेसिपी को पंचमेल दाल और जीरा राइस के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद है तो, आप यह भी बना सकते है  गोभी मटर भुर्जी रेसिपी  जीरा हींग आलू रेसिपी  मसाला करेला रेसिपी 

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केरल की कटहल सब्ज़ी रेसिपी - Kerala Style Jack Fruit Seeds Stir Fry (Recipe In Hindi)

केरल की कटहल सब्ज़ी एक बहुत ही स्वादिष्ट सब्ज़ी है जिसे पके हुए कटहल के साथ पकाया जाता है. इसे स्टीम करके नारियल और मसाला के साथ पकाया जाता है. इस सब्ज़ी को आप किसी भी दाल और चावल के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोस सकते है.  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी अच्छी लगी हो तो, आप यह भी बना सकते है  पंजाबी मसाला लोबिया की सब्ज़ी  खट्टी कद्दू की सब्ज़ी  कढ़ी पकोड़ा    

Egg Idiyappam Recipe - Rice Vermicelli Upma with Scrambled Eggs

The Egg Idiyappam Recipe is a wholesome breakfast made with rice string hoppers, scrambled eggs and spices. The rice noodles are easy to cook and digest as well making it a balanced meal for breakfast or even a tea time snack. Serve Egg Idiyappam Recipe (Rice Vermicelli Upma with Scrambled Eggs) with Kerala Kadala Curry Recipe or Kerala Style Vegetable Stew Recipe with Coconut Milk. If you like this recipe, try similar Kerala recipes like Idiyappam With Coconut Milk Recipe Chettinad ...

Muringakka Manga Mulakushyam - Mango & Drumstick Kootu Curry

Muringakka Manga Mulakushyam is a traditional Kerala recipe made up of Mangoes and drumstick cooked in toor dal and coconut paste. It is also called Moloshyam in Malayalam and Kootu in Tamil Nadu. Mulakushyam can also be prepared with pumpkin, raw green plantain, yam, cucumber, snake gourd and raw jackfruit. Did you know ? Drumstick pods helps to build strong bones, it is very good for pregnant women also. Drumstick pods which are known as moringa in local language is rich in calcium, Iron and ...

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Pavakka Pachadi Recipe - Bitter Gourd Pachadi

Pavakka Pachadi which is also called as Bitter Gourd Pachadi is a very easy comforting side dish from Kerala cuisine. It's made with bitter gourd, coconut and curd as main ingredients. It tastes great with rice. The initial prep, sauteing and curd helps in reducing the bitterness to a great extent, making the pachadi really tasty. Serve Pavakka Pachadi along with Keerai Sambar, Steamed Rice and Raw Banana Thoran for a delicious everyday meal If you like this recipe, you can also try other ...

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Kerala Style Puttu Upma Recipe With Scrambled Eggs

Puttu Upma Recipe With Scrambled Eggs is a great way to use up leftover Rice Puttu. Puttu is a traditional breakfast dish popular in Kerala. The eggs add to the nutritional value to make it a wholesome breakfast. Serve Kerala Style Puttu Upma Recipe With Scrambled Eggs along with a Cocoa Banana Almond Date Smoothie Recipe for a wholesome breakfast.  Here are more recipes from Kerala Cuisine that you might also want to try Kerala Plantain Kootu Curry Recipe Oats Unni Appam/ ...

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Kerala Style Varutharacha Mutton Curry Recipe

Kerala Varutharacha Curry is ground masala added to the curry. Mutton curry made from ground masala along with coconut is a spicy, delicious curry that goes perfectly with appam, idiyappam, and rice. It’s peppery, spicy and delicious. With added freshly grated coconut, the spice is balanced out. Here are few more Kerala style curries that are must try Kerala Style Konju Curry With Thengakothu Recipe (Kerala Style Prawn Curry) Kerala Style Prawns & Shrimp Biryani (Chemmeen Biryani Recipe) Kerala ...

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Kerala Style Mutton Pepper Fry Recipe

A simple delicious fry recipe with mutton that goes beautifully with rotis, rice and dal, or even dosas is this kerala mutton pepper fry. The pungency from black pepper corns goes very well with meat dishes especially mutton. Indian food is known for its spice levels and Kerala been the land of spices uses a lot of peppercorns in their dishes. Coconut oil is highly recommended for this dish.  Serve Kerala Style Mutton Pepper Fry as a side dish along with Kerala Varutharacha Mutton Curry and ...

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Kerala Style Mutton Stew Recipe

Mutton Stew Kerala Style is a simple mutton gravy recipe which is very easy to cook and requires a few daily ingredients to prepare. The use of coconut, onion and tomato brings out a different flavour altogether in the gravy. This dish can be served with rice or it tastes great with Lachha Parathas also.  Serve Mutton Stew Kerala Style along with Kerala Pumpkin Pachadi and Kerala Parotta for a weekday meal. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Kerala recipes such as :  Kerala ...

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Biryani Chammanthi Recipe (Green Chutney Recipe)

Biriyani Chammanthi Recipe (Green Chutney Recipe) is one of the main accompaniment for Thalassery Biriyani. The Biryani is famous in a small town in Kerala which is prepared in a different style when compared to the Hyderabadi style. The green chutney pairs it up really well as it is quite aromatic and filled with herbs and freshly ground coconut. Therefore this will help in balancing the richness of the Biriyani taste. Serve the Biryani Chammanthi Recipe (Green Chutney Recipe) along with Peppery ...

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Mutton Varattiyathu Recipe - Malabar Mutton Roast

Mutton Varattiyathu Recipe is a Malabar style Mutton Roast, marinated along with simple spices and stir fried to give it a lovely roasted flavour.  Coconut oil and curry leaves lend the South Indian notes to this lip smacking dish.    Serve this Indian Non-Vegetarian Dish as part of your weekend meals or put it on your dinner party menu.  Serve this Mutton Varattiyathu along with Kerala Style Appam Recipe or Malabar Parotta Recipe for a quick weekend ...

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Kerala Style Chakka Varattiyathu Ari Payasam Recipe - Jackfruit Brown Rice Kheer

Kerala Style Chakka varattiyathu Ari Payasam Recipe is a quintessential part of Kerala cuisine. It is prepared by using ripe jackfruit and then simmered in jaggery and milk.  The dessert is traditionally prepared in an “uzhali” which is a huge bronze vessel that could withstand high temperature.  This will give the right taste that is required in the dessert. Serve the Kerala Style Chakka Varattiyathu Ari Payasam Recipe after a nice Kerala meal that includes Kerala Avial ...

Aam Ki Kheer Recipe - Mango Coconut Payasam Recipe

The Aam Ki Kheer Recipe also can be called as the Mango Coconut Payasam is a rich and delicious kheer recipe that is packed with flavors from the alphonso mangoes. The Mango Coconut Payasam is a famous onam sadya recipe. It is usually prepared with milk, rice and mango puree as the main ingredients.  Serve Mango Coconut Payasam/ Aam Ki Kheer as a dessert after your festive meal of Mixed Vegetable Sambar, Steamed Rice, Pineapple Rasam, Chow Chow Thoran, Yellow Cucumber Pachadi and ...

छेना उप्पेरि रेसिपी - Eggplant Foot Yam Stir Fry Recipe

छेना उप्पेरि रेसिपी केरला की पारम्परिक रेसिपी है जिसमे रोज के मसालो और प्याज से फ्लेवर दिया जाता है. आप इसे बनाने के लिए अपनी पसंद की सब्ज़िओ का भी प्रयोग कर सकते है. इसे रोज के खाने के लिए बनाए और हमे बताए की यह आपको कैसी लगी? छेना उप्पेरि रेसिपी को दही चावल या कीरई सांबर, चावल और पापड़ के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है  कच्चे केले का थोरन रेसिपी  चकुंदर थोरन रेसिपी  सोया चंक्स सब्ज़ी रेसिपी 

Thalassery Chicken Biriyani Recipe

Thalassery Chicken Biriyani Recipe is a part of Kerala cuisine which is known for its biryani. Thalassery cuisine has it influence from the Arab and mughlai cooking that especially famous in the Muslim community. The Biryani is authentically made from Kaima/Jeerakasala rice which is a rice grain that is cultivated mainly in wayanad in Kerala.  Serve the Thalassery Chicken Biriyani Recipe along with raita, carrot and cucumber salad for a lazy sunday lunch with your family.  If you ...

Chicken Kappa Biryani Recipe

Chicken Kappa Biryani Recipe is an authentic Kerala recipe to which we have added a twist by using chicken instead of beef. Most of us are aware of Biryani made with any type of rice but in Kerala since tapioca is consumed a lot. Did you know: Tapioca is a kind of root vegetable that is starchy and is rich in fiber. So therefore when it is mashed and mixed along with some spice powders and chicken it will create amazing flavors. It can be your one pot meal accompanied with a theeyal or just eaten ...

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Kerala Style Chicken Chatti Pathiri Recipe

Kerala Style Chicken Chatti Pathiri Recipe is a must try recipe at your kitchen. Pathiri is a type of Kerala pancakes that is layered with shredded chicken and then pan fried all together. This recipe is famous in North Malabar. It can be made savory and sweet as well. For sweet filling it is usually a mixture of grated coconut and sugar. The dish resembles a lasagna as it is layered with thin sheets of pancakes and chicken stuffing. Serve the Kerala Style Chicken Chatti Pathiri Recipe along with Masala ...

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बिरयानी चम्मंथी रेसिपी - Biryani Chammanthi Recipe

बिरयानी चम्मंथी रेसिपी एक स्वादिष्ट रेसिपी है जिसे थालासेरी बिरयानी के साथ परोसा जाता है. यह बिरयानी केरला में बनाई जाती है जो बाकी बिरयानी से अलग होती है. यह बनाने में आसान है और आप इसे अपने खाने के साथ भी बना सकते है. बिरयानी चम्मंथी रेसिपी को अपनी पसंद की बिरयानी और बूंदी रायता के साथ रात के खाने के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद आई हो तो, आप यह चटनी भी बना सकते है  धनिया पुदीना चटनी  चना दाल चटनी  गाजर चटनी 

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बेक्ड केले के चिप्स रेसिपी - Baked Banana Chips Recipe

हम सबको केले के चिप्स अच्छे लगते है लेकिन कभी कभी हम इसे परहेज करते है क्यूंकि यह तले हुए होते है. इसलिए हम आपके लिए यह रेसिपी लाए है जिसमे चिप्स को बेक्ड किया गया है. आप इसे अपने स्नैक बॉक्स में भी पैक कर सकते है. बेक्ड केले के चिप्स को शाम के वक़्त मसाला चाय के साथ परोसे।  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद आई है तो, आप यह भी स्नैक्स के लिए बना सकते है  टमाटर चाट बनारसी स्टाइल  मैकरोनी चाट  आयंगर स्टाइल मसाला टोस्ट   

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Kerala Chicken Curry Recipe - Nadan Kozhi Curry

An authentic Kerala Style Chicken Curry, embraces the rustic style of chicken simmered in coconut milk and indian spices. While it have variations in the level of spices and ingredients used across regions, it never fails to find its way in weekend lunch menu. No wonder it turns to an absolute favourite for anyone who loves Kerala Cuisine. Serve Kerala Chicken Curry along with Nei Choru or even Malabar Parotta for a delicous weekday lunch. If you like this recipe of ...

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