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Hi , I am Smitha - the face behind the blog " Cook With Smile " . An ex Engineer turned to blogger , food stylist and amateur photographer through passion . My blog is my journal , my space to pen down some food related memories .i always believe in homemade food created with love is the best way for a healthy lifestyle .

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बेकरी स्टाइल बेक्ड निपट्टू रेसिपी - Bakery Style Baked Nippattu Recipe

Saturday, 13 July 2019 08:00

बेकरी स्टाइल बेक्ड निपट्टू रेसिपी एक तीखा स्नैक है जिसमें हल्की सी मिठास भी होती है और यह स्नैक फ्लेवर से भरपूर होता ...

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टमाटर जैम रेसिपी - Tomato Jam Recipe

Wednesday, 20 February 2019 10:00

टमाटर जैम रेसिपी बनाना बहुत आसान है. इसमें कोई भी प्रेज़रवेटिव नहीं होते और इसका स्वाद भी बहुत अच्छा और ताज़ा होता है. ...

मूली भुर्जी रेसिपी - Mooli Bhurji Recipe

Wednesday, 19 December 2018 10:00

मूली भुर्जी एक पंजाबी रेसिपी है जिसे सर्दियों के दिनों में अक्सर बनाया जाता है. यह बनाने में आसान है इसलिए आप इसे अपने ...

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दाल बुखारा रेसिपी - Dal Bukhara Recipe

Monday, 26 November 2018 10:00

दाल बुखारा एक पंजाबी स्टाइल दाल है जिसमे काली उरद दाल का प्रयोग किया जाता है. यह बहुत क्रीमी होती है और मुँह में पिघल ...

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मेंथे तम्ब्ली रेसिपी - Menthe Tambli Recipe

Thursday, 14 June 2018 08:35

यह रही आपके लिए एक स्वादिष्ट डिश, मेंथे तम्ब्ली जिसे कर्नाटक के घरो में बनाया जाता है. इसमें दही का भी प्रयोग किया जाता ...

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काबुली चना सूप रेसिपी - Chickpea Soup Recipe

Thursday, 31 May 2018 10:15

काबुली चना सूप रेसिपी उन डिशेस में से एक है जो आपके वजन कम करने में मदद करता है. यह बनाने में आसान है और इसको बनाने के लिए ...

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करेला चिप्स रेसिपी - Bitter Gourd Chips Recipe

Sunday, 15 April 2018 10:00

चिप्स किसको पसंद नहीं होती? लेकिन कितने जनो को करेला चिप्स पसंद होगी। बहुत लोग इसे पसंद ना करें लेकिन अगर आप एक नर ...

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मैकरोनी चाट रेसिपी - Macaroni Chaat

Sunday, 11 March 2018 10:10

अपने मैकरोनी पास्ता तो खाया होगा, लेकिन क्या मैकरोनी चाट के बारें में सुना है? मैकरोनी चाट एक सरल और आसान डिश है जो आपके ...

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Uggani Recipe - Puffed Rice Upma

Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

Uggani is a variety in Upma made from Puffed rice. One can find it very common in North Karnataka and parts of Andhra Pradesh.  Easy to make and yummy to taste, enjoy them as a breakfast or snack or light dinner. Serve Uggani along with Fresh Fruit Bowl And Filter Coffee for your everyday ...

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Karnataka Style Orange Peels Curry Recipe

Thursday, 05 October 2017 00:23

Did you know that we can make a yummy curry out of Orange Peels? It is tangy, sweetish, spicy, slightly bitter and bursting with flavors. It is an unique recipe. So next time you have some guests at home, make this recipe and impress your friends and family. It is filled with flavours and tastes delicious ...

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Guava Jam Recipe

Sunday, 17 September 2017 00:15

Guava Jam is an easy homemade no preservative recipe. This jam recipe preserves its fresh flavor with nothing but sugar, salt, and lime followed by proper storage. Once ready, you will be surprised to see the jars emptied sooner than you anticipated.That addictive it is.  Serve Guava ...

Savoury Baked Arbi Chips Recipe

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 07:23

Savoury Baked Arbi Chips Recipe is a delightful and a healthy way to indulge in chips since this recipe uses oven baking, instead of deep frying them. This is a great alternatively that can avoid the bags of ready to eat deep fried chips. Simple baking of the thin sliced arbi with olive oil and seasoning ...

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Crispy Corn And Bell Peppers Chaat Recipe

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 07:15

Crispy Corn and Bell Peppers Chaat Recipe is an absolute lip smacking chaat which is liked equally by all age groups. It is a dish thrown together with cornflour coated deep fried corn tossed in dhaniya pudina chutney and date and tamarind chutney to make a delicious chaat. This chaat recipe is an apt ...

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Guava And Papaya Mimosa Drink Recipe

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 07:22

Guava And Papaya Mimosa Drink Recipe is very colourful , refreshing and super easy to make drink. It is an elegant cocktail that can be served during any parties. Mimosa is basically a cocktail having equal parts of champagne and any other fruit juice. But this recipe can taste divine even with addition ...

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Methi Malai Paneer Recipe

Monday, 11 September 2017 00:23

Methi Malai Paneer Recipe is a famous North Indian dish that is very common in restaurants, parties, and get-togethers. It is a very tasty, aromatic yet easy to make recipe. Bursting with flavors of fresh methi leaves this creamy gravy tastes just awesome. This recipe will win everybody's heart at the ...

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Sweet Potato Pineapple Skewers In Spicy Sweetish Peanut Dip Recipe

Sunday, 10 September 2017 11:23

Sweet Potato Pineapple Skewers In Spicy Sweetish Peanut Dip Recipe is an excellent and delicious party dish. This is a crowd pleaser and can be made when you have your guests at home. In this recipe, sweet potato and pineapple are marinated in a spicy sauce and later grilled in a tandoor or a pan. The ...

Goan Sorak Curry Recipe

Sunday, 03 September 2017 00:20

Goan Sorak Curry is a Goan style soup like curry made with sauteed onions, coconut milk, kashmiri red chillies and few more spices. It is specially made during monsoons when fresh fish is less in number in Goa. This curry tastes great with rice. It is easy to make and is perfect for your weekday ...

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Goan Gawar Bhaji Recipe

Saturday, 02 September 2017 00:20

Goan Gawar Bhaji is a simple dry recipe which is made using cluster beans and day to day masalas. You can also add potatoes to this recipe if you want to give an extra flavour to the recipe. It is very easy to make and is perfect to make during busy mornings to pack in your and your kid's lunchbox.  Serve ...

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Punjabi Mixed Vegetable Kadai Recipe

Friday, 01 September 2017 00:20

Punjabi Mixed Vegetable Kadai is a popular restaurant style side dish that goes well with Phulka, Paratha, Naan or any Indian Bread. It is usually served in kadai. One can make it dry, semi dry or gravy version. This gravy is made with lightly roasted spices which give an extra flavour to this ...

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Tangy Tomato Pie Tart Recipe

Sunday, 27 August 2017 00:00

Tangy Tomato Pie Tart is an easy to make simple recipe that is great for evening snacks or get together parties. One can make regular size tart or bite sized small tart. Filled with some oven roasted tomatoes, herbs and cheese they taste just awesome. It is easy to make and is loved by everyone. The ...

Macaroni Chaat Recipe

Thursday, 24 August 2017 00:23

Macaroni Chaat Recipe is a simple, easy and one of the most super hit kid friendly dish. It's as simple as tossing together few ingredients and voila, you are left with a lip smacking Macaroni chaat. Easy to eat, yummy to taste,this macaroni chaat recipe is a perfect appetizer for any occasion. ...

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Dal Bukhara Recipe (Punjabi Style Black Urad Dal)

Wednesday, 23 August 2017 00:23

Dal Bukhara is a classic Punjabi style curry made from whole black urad dal which is creamy and melts in the mouth. This Dal Bukhara tastes awesome with rice or roti. Simmer this dal on a slow flame for a long time till you get the creamy texture which is the key to this dal Bukhara. Serve Dal ...

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Marrakesh Vegetable Curry Recipe

Friday, 11 August 2017 06:23

Marrakesh Vegetable Curry Recipe is loaded with veggies like beans, carrot, sweet potato, eggplant, spinach, zucchini, bell peppers, and onion. It's mixed with blanched almonds, orange juice, raisins, and spices. Serve Marrakesh Vegetable Curry Recipe along with cooked couscous or Steamed Rice and ...

Macaroni With Tahini Sauce Recipe

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 00:23

Macaroni with Tahini sauce is so easy and flavourful. Addition of Tahini sauce makes this pasta delicious and mouth watering. The  simplicity and taste makes this as an absolute crowd pleaser. Impress your family and friends with this tasty Italian dish during house parties or weekend night dinners. ...

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