Setting up a new home and a kitchen requires planning. And if you love cooking or plan to get into it, then a fully set up kitchen with all the essential pots, pan, utensils, ladles, spoons tools etc is extremely essential for everyday cooking. So this article, has been meticulously written for you to plan and shop the various kitchen tools and utensils that are needed for an Indian kitchen.

Many of us would love the baked goodies like cookies, breads, pies and cakes. Indulging in these sweet treats is a luxury, which we allow ourselves to be gratified, once in a while. Especially when we are expecting guests at home, hosting is mostly complete only with sweet goodies. Fresh home baked desserts like cakes, pies or custards can add pep to your homemade recipes.

You don’t really need a lot to get started in the Kitchen, we all look at cooking the simpler and smarter way, spending less time in the kitchen at the same time being creative and perfect in flavors’. This is possible if you have the right tools, pots and pans and appliances for cooking. Investing a really good quality cookware will make your life a whole lot easier and allow you to cook with ease.

Fruits are the nature’s treat to add some valour and passion to our lives. Imagine the variety of ways to have a fruit, some you squirt, some you peel, some you cut, some you pop into mouth! Some seeds are edible that adds crunch to the fruit that you eat, some are discarded after you squeeze out the goodness in rind, some you need to spit while slurping on the fruit you struggle to chew without spurting its juice out, some can grow to a whole new plant in your kitchen garden!

We love the experience of buying kitchen cookware that help make cooking an enriching experience. The women in the house think several times before investing every time they shop for kitchen. Be it an appliance of utility or tool to cook, the necessity is weighed carefully before buying one. Investing in a kitchen merchandise is thus a careful decision and we are convinced to a great deal if the product has multiple utilities.

In India, serving tea has become a tradition! Many of us begin our day with a hot cup of tea because it refreshes our mind and wakes us up from the sleep. On the other hand, we always crave for a cup of tea after a busy day at work. That means whenever we need to freshen up our find, the answer is TEA. There are many cups available in the market, in which you can serve tea but we always go back to the traditional tea/coffee glasses.

Every day is a father’s day but then comes 18th June - the official day of expressing “How much you love your dad”. This is the day when we want them to feel special about themselves. ‘Father’, your hero is a man who would do anything to support and motivate you to achieve your goals. He will stand with you in all ups and down and will not let you take a step backward when you are torn down. He does this day in and day out. So this father’s day let's make them feel special, as it is rightly said,

"Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story tellers and singers of the song."

Once you have tasted the grilled versions of recipes as simple as kebabs and fruits, you are glued to the taste that grilling imparts. The smoky outer layer and the juicy-crumbly part inside grilled food has such a delightful experience that the recipe otherwise can rarely match up to. This is the main reason we all crave for eateries with tasty grilled recipes.

Indian cuisine has a wide spread of recipes that adapt many cooking techniques like steaming, boiling, sautéing, searing, deep or shallow frying, or baking in earthen oven. The delectable taste and smell when you cook in a pot or pan specifically meant for the recipe imparts a lasting impression in our experiences. Who can forget the smell of sizzling tadka prepared in a cast iron tadka pan? And how can we ignore that just a few drops of oil is required to make koftas in a paniyaram pan?

India is a country that embraces changes faster if the change is for betterment. Be it economy or kitchens, we are transitional at all times. We love learning and implementing new things that we come across. Especially when it comes to building or remodeling the house that we live in, we put in our extra effort to assure that the house has freshest of popular designs in our budget. With increased ease of operating from an open kitchen, a lot of Indian families are loving its idea in their living space.

Traditional Indian Kitchen brings the memory of freshly roasted spices, jaggery and coconut being grated and the pungency you smell when you open a container with red chilli powder. When one enters a traditional kitchen, you can find these smell that flares the appetite in your stomach. The rhythmic sound of slicing veggies or the hiss of making dosas, appams or sizzling of tadka brings in the homeliness and comfort.

The pressure cookers we know today and have been using for generations in India, have been a standard. With the growth in technology in various other fields, there has not been much improvements in the most used kitchen equipment, until today. Pressure cooker's have been an important cooking medium in India. It is used in multiple ways by stacking multiple containers or using them as a single pot to cook dals and curries.  

The star of a wholesome dinner is definitely the food that’s had hours of culinary expertise behind its preparation, but the structure that holds it all together and enhances the aesthetics of the dining experience is definitely the dinnerware. A chef will tell you this that however minimalistic the kitchen is in terms of cookware and kitchen appliances, stunning pieces of dinnerware play a vital role in sprucing up an exquisite dinner party or a customary family dinner.

We believe desserts are the most important part of any meal, and all the fats need to be saved up for a hearty dessert. A meal becomes more interesting when we know there is a delicious dessert waiting for the end. 

While contemporary and modular kitchens are slowly becoming popular in India, we still have a large percentage of transitional, country styled kitchens which carry the aura of being cosy and bring in a sense of comfort. While the rustic-styled Indian kitchens have open shelves, minimal kitchen appliances, and are usually characterised with a country chimney or exhaust fans than electric chimneys.

Making cooking fun, interesting and easy add in a great value to the recipes cooked. Various kitchen appliances eases our work in kitchen by making everyday tasks simpler. While the Indian kitchens seldom had complicated equipments in everyday cooking, now we have gelled so well with these electronic appliances that a working kitchen without them would be challenging to operate. Here are 7 quintessential countertop appliances every Indian kitchen must have to help cooking in limited time and with a lot more variety in everyday cooking.

Cooking is a form of art. Foodies always search for innovative foods to try and traditional folks stick to what is passed on since generations. Both ways are perfectly fine! But how you cook what you cook becomes crucial and we often find ourselves faltering in method, or taste or both sometimes. What if you could cook with grace like a pro, every time you are in kitchen? Yes, we agree hands down that cooking is art that is mastered with time. But here are a few tips that will help you be the perfect home chef you always want to be. Take a look at 7 Chef's secrets that home cooks need to know.

I need a cup of hot chocolate or a steaming hot cup of strong coffee to start my day. Many of us depend on a comfort beverage like coffee, tea, milk, and vegan milk or fruit juice to boost our energy and up our moods during the day. Few people find it difficult to cope a challenging day without a cup of the beverage they love. We all have it our minds to sip something freshly brewed when I want an external oomph to keep ourselves going. The beverage is all the while more important when we have a guest at home.

Everyday cooking involves planning, prepping and execution. One task that is mostly never skipped every time we make food in kitchen is chopping vegetables, greens, fruits or meat. We need to be very well equipped with kitchen tools to efficiently perform prepping. Right tools to perform every part of prepping is a necessity to function smoothly.

Any time is perfect time to have a fun day out with the family, but picnics during summers have got to be our favourite. The luscious green parks, the glorious sun, the chirping birds et al, make summers beautiful, and a season to look forward to. Picnics with family at this time are the most fun. The elders can choose to relax and get some much needed break, and the kids can play to their hearts' content.

But what makes picnics all the more exciting is a basket filled with lip smackingly delicious food!

Before you begin to cook vegetables, whether in the steamer or pressure cooker, it is essential to clean them thoroughly. Rinse the vegetables under running water. Wherever possible, avoid peeling off the skins, to retain maximum nutrients. And when eating peels, it is imperative to thoroughly scrub vegetables, especially root vegetables and spuds.

It is important that you cook the vegetables for as little time as you can to preserve nutrition. Although there are many different methods for cooking vegetables, I personally like the pressure cooker method as it is fast and also retains nutrition.

Measuring ingredients are important as we all look out for perfection, in every new recipe we create. Though our mums and grandmas managed without any standard measurement and used “Andaz” in everyday cooking; in today's busy life the use of measures make it easier to cook without missing out on any ingredients. Measuring and laying out ingredients before you not only speeds the process but also gives you the confidence. Measuring ingredients becomes crucial when it comes to baking, as baking requires accurate measurements to get the best outcomes of cakes, brownies or breads.

Dinnerware & Serveware is usually made of ceramic (chinaware) or stone. Collection of Dinnerware & Serveware in a home displays the artfulness and taste of the family. Ardent fans of these have a reserved space in the China Cabinet of the home. These Dinnerware & Serveware need minimum maintenance but is important that you handle them with care as they are susceptible to breakage. This article throws light on how to care for your crockery better, such that you could pass it on to the next generation, as family heirlooms.

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