An Amazing Cooking Show Between Passionate Home Chefs & Professional Restaurant Chef's

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I was surfing through the TV channels to see if there was any interesting cooking show, I found something really fun.

It was a cooking show called The Chefs' Line. It’s an Australian series of the Reality Cooking Show which is about Home Chefs competing with Professional Chefs. This show is being aired on Zee Café at 9:00 PM Monday to Friday. If you ever get a chance to watch this show, do watch it – it’s fun and there is something new to learn in every episode

These home cooks came from all walks of life and took on challenges of high grade professional quality. Whether it was their ideas or their execution and plating, the home cooks were simple amazing. The best part? Their performance in terms of presentation was at par with that of the professional chefs.

Fun Judges from the Chef's Line Show

Chefs line food 4

In the episode I watched, the home cooks had to contest with Station Chef Tam of Dandelion, an award winning Modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne. The challenge was to cook a Banh Flan - which is from the restaurant Dandelion’s menu and they had to create a better Bahn Flan than Station Chef Tam.

Bahn Flan is a Vietnamese Dessert that is similar to the traditional French crème caramel. The only difference being, the Bahn Flan is made from Coconut Milk rather than cream or cow’s milk.

The best part of the show was when I leant how to make the perfect crème caramel. This how the Chef said it must be made:

  • Add 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water into a sauce pan.
  • Turn the heat to low to slow down the caramelization process.
  • Keep stirring until the sugar melts completely.
  • Dust the sides with a pastry brush, so that the sugar will stop crystallizing and then of course proceed to make the caramel.

And that's how my Bahn Flan Looks

Bahn Flan

I was really curious to know what the next dish was, and ended up watching the next episode as well. And guess what? The home cooks were now going to make one of my favorites – Pho. I have, however, had only the vegetarian version of it, and they were brewing up a Pho with beef and adding a few secret ingredients which makes their really Pho special.

There are going to be about 13 more new cuisines which they are going to feature, and I am actually excited to watch how brilliantly the home chefs showcase their passion while whipping up incredible dishes.

They say that if one were to look deeper into any cuisine, one not only learns about ingredients and cooking techniques, but also, about the region, its people and their culture. This show stays true to this very fact, and frankly speaking, I’m ready to go on this journey.

I am looking forward to watch more episodes, the sheer variety of cuisines that they are going to tackle every week excites me beyond compare; factor in the cooking techniques, chef hacks, new ingredients.

Like I said before, if you ever get to watch this show, do watch it ! There is something new to learn in every episode and the passion of the home chef’s will drive you to make some or maybe all of these exotic cuisines!