Goan Feast - A Cook off Archana Doshi, Rita Shinde & Maggi's Kitchen Journey

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I was in Goa on Saturday July 21st 2018 to celebrate the Joy of Cooking of a home chef Rita Shinde. I absolutely love it when women take up their passion to do something they love. Being in Goa to celebrate this journey was just simply wonderful.

Rita’s story is absolutely inspiring and I am so proud that she has taken this bold step forward to get out of her comfort zone and teach the world the Joy of Cooking. When watching her speak of her journey, I felt we shared a very similar philosophy - "Everyone can cook". 

Rita was born in Diu and had honed her cooking skills in Goan Cuisine from her mother. She was a customs officer and along the way, she kept honing her cooking skills. In no time, she decided to take the plunge and pursue her passion in cooking and started Rita's Gourmet Goa. With a lot of hard work and passion, Rita began to get international recognition from tourists travelling from across the world. They started attending her classes on traditional Goan cuisine.

Maggi had organised a special event "Maggi Kitchen Journeys" to celebrate Rita Shinde and her entrepreneurial journey into the world of cooking.

It was a moment of pride to celebrate this lady you had truly made a passion into a beautiful profession. It was a joy to cook along along with her and many other home chef's who shared a love for food and cooking. It is events like Maggi Kitchen Journeys which me feel that all the effort that has gone to build Archana's Kitchen so truly worth it. 

Watch this video below, to take a look at the cook off on the Goan Fish Curry

If you are in Goa , don’t forget to take her cooking classes. Visit her page @ritasgourmetgoa on Instagram to find out more about her classes too.

She is conducted a fantastic session today and for a change I was on the back seat and watching a Home Chef passionately share her journey and cooking skills.


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