Baking With Flour Contest

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Baking With Flour Contest

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Contest Starts : 01 November 2017
Contest Ends : 30 November 2017

Baking is an art which comes with following recipes and creating marvels with your own twists to each recipe. Every time you prepare a dough to bake something, be it anything, you are the boss of that dough. As a popular saying goes, "Life is what you bake of it", baking can be addressed as, "Baking is what you make of the dough". You can prepare appetizers, main course, or desserts with dough and batter. Though the standard baking calls for an exact recipe to be followed, most baked recipes allow your twist of flavours or the additional ingredients to spike up what you bake.

We have come up with a brand new contest that asks for the baking expert in you! Put on your apron and baking gloves and get ready for this contest. Prepare recipes that you have tried during house parties and get togethers and those which have been an instant hit among the crowd and those recipes where you were crowned the beloved baker in your circle. You are free to bring in any recipe you love to bake, or the new ones that you have learnt recently. Make sure that the recipes have wheat flour or maida (all purpose flour) as one of their ingredients.

Not all recipes submitted for the contest will be published. Unique recipes will be loved and be published, you must remember! Whether it is party starter, main course, or healthy desserts, drive the recipes out of the recipe books and from your sure-hit recipes and plate them deliciously and win great prizes!

So What Are We Looking For Exactly In The Contest?

  • Share with us the best baking recipes that you cook with flour; those recipes which you love to cook and your family and friends can't wait to eat. 
  • Recipes could be main course, appetizers, snacks or desserts.The contest recipes can be vegetarian or non vegetarian. Keep in mind that both savoury and sweet recipes can gain an entry into the contest.
  • You are free to make any baked recipe that uses flour as an ingredient, and to bring in any healthy twist you want for your recipes.
  • Participants with a variety of submissions spread across meal courses have all the while more chances to win.

To Enter our - "Baking With Flour Contest"

  • Share most delicious recipes along with clear recipe instructions.
  • Click an amazing picture of the food you cooked. We always look for a close shot of the food, so that our viewers can see the texture and colors of the food.
  • Upload the recipe along with a good looking clear & high resolution picture of the plated recipe.
  • Please do not use any food colors or artificial ingredients in the recipe, they will not be published or selected.
  • Two most important things about the contest recipes to be published under the "Baking With Flour Contest" is the picture and a well written recipe.
  • Your recipe will get selected for publishing if you ensure that the recipe has a good description, a good set of recipe instructions and a great looking photo of the food.
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Winners Will Get

What more! 5 amazing recipes will get a chance to win AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Baking Sheet 6-Pieces, Dark Grey. So hurry up, send your recipes for the - "Baking With Flour Contest".

The Winners are:

Sapana Behl - Upside Down Pear Ginger Cake Recipe

Moumitta Malla - Fresh Cherry Cake Recipe

Sindhu Bharadwaj - Coffee Caramel Cake With Walnuts Recipe

Priyanjali Joardar - Dark Chocolate Cherry Cake Recipe

Kriti Singhal - Classic Apple Pie Recipe

Recipes from Baking With Flour Contest

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