The Power of Yes - Positive Ways To Discipline Children In Food

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Disciplining children is an important activity every parent is challenged with.  Be it your 2-year-old child or a 12-year-old, discipline is extremely important to bring in peace and harmony into home.

However, as parents we often tend to get into a negative disciplining mode, where there are more NO's in the vocabulary as opposed to being positive.

When I first became a parent, I read many books on various types of parenting. Being away from my own parents, I resorted to books written by famous child psychologists. As I read more, I started leaning towards the "Positive Parenting" approach. 

Positive Parenting is for parents who want to discipline their kids without breaking their spirit. 

I had quit my work and decided to be full time with my children focusing on ensuring that I spend enough time in their growing and development years. More importantly, I wanted my children to be my friends.

One of the most important parenting techniques I practiced was; I always tried to find opportunities to say, “yes” whenever I could. Of course, there was always a time when I needed to use that big “NO,” but tried to redirect them to a more positive option.

There are better ways to deny or discipline your child than always saying "no."

Many great parenting experts believe that saying "no" too much can breed resentment and may be even plant seeds for future rebellion.

Here is a social experiment, which I watched recently. It brings out some very important facts. Saying ‘yes’ differently and using a more positive approach to parenting and disciplining can bring in a sea of positive growth for your child.

Let's take "Food Discipling" as an example; food is the topic, which is of continuous concern for every parent.  Until 6 months of age, it is easier for the parent to feed the child what they think is the best. However, after 6 months of age, the children begin to develop a sense of taste, texture and begin to like and dislike certain foods. But as parents we need to ensure the right nutrition goes in and this is when it seems as if all hell has broken loose.

The fuss over food becomes so much that it almost becomes a challenge for you to feed them healthy and the right kind of food. It requires a lot of patience and a very different approach for children to develop a life long learning to eat healthy. So, how does a “Yes Mom” tackle food discipline? Doesn’t getting your kids to eat right involve a lot of “Nos”? Here are a few of positive ways to deal with food, they are quick and easy and any Yes Mom can start doing it today!

  • I like to take my kids grocery shopping I involve them in meal times, they help with meal prep and setting the table I try and eat healthy myself to be a good role model
  • Meal time is family time, strictly no TV or devices Get them to understand portion control.
  • By working on "Yes" method of Parenting I have seen my children are more confident to take up challenges and also make certain informed decisions in their everyday activities. In addition, their communication is also positive towards their friends making this "Yes" form of Parenting style totally worth all the efforts.
  • If you noticed, in none of the activities above we brought in "no". Disciplining children can be done in many positive ways. I’ve taken the stand to be a Yes Mom, join the movement here