Healthy Recipes to Cook With Vegetable and Fruit Peels

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Peels and skins from fruits and vegetables can be consumed and used in cooking.This is a great way we dramatically reduce the amount of food waste we dump into our earth, which causes a huge amount of pollution. This article you will learn how you can use the peels and skins of vegetables in multiple ways.

When making a sabzi of potatoes, add the skin to it - weather its a baked dish, gravy or curry, stir fry or roast use the skin. They are extremely tasty and healthy too. It a great way to get creative in your cooking and by experimenting on ingredients, peels and more to reduce food waste and yet make our food tasty and wholesome. 

And same goes for bitter gourd (karela), carrots, beetroot, radish, yellow pumpkin - use the skin of these vegetables and don't peel them. All you have to ensure is you wash the vegetables well before using then in food.

For peels from cucumber peel, orange peel, raw banana (kachha kela), ridge gourd (turia), bottle gourd (lauki)- the peels can be made into delicious chutneys. Do not throw them. Orange peel can be made into curries and rasam and tastes delicious. 

Also don't discard the stems from the greens, use them either in dals, chutneys or even in making pestos  - this way you will completely eliminate food wastage. 

Below Are A Few Recipes to Cook With Vegetable and Fruit Peels