9 Delicious Ways to Eat Hummus | Vegetarian Recipes Using Hummus

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Hummus has now definitely become popular high protein snack across India and the world. This classic mediterranean dish is absolutely tasty, packed with protein and makes a great side dish that goes along with a variety of dishes, from open toasts, sandwiches, burgers, wraps and more. You will simply love these 9 delectable recipes with hummus.

Hummus is super simple to make, all you need is chickpeas also known as kabuli chana which is soaked and cooked until very soft. These soft cooked chickpeas are then blended along with tahini (which is nothing but a sesame paste), garlic, olive oil, cumin powder, salt, lemon and coriander as the most basic of the ingredients. Apart from that, you can make variations of hummus by adding roasted vegetables like beetroot, pumpkin, carrots, and the like to make a more nutritious hummus.