12 Street Style Tikki Recipes You Can Make For Evening Snacks

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 If it's not meals through the day, its snacks that we love munching on between meals. The gap between lunch and dinner seems longer and hence tea time sacks or 'chai nashta' like we call it in our country.  Something satiating, something crispy crunchy, chatpata that goes well with evening tea is well enjoyed by the family. Snacks that go well with tea for adults and the same could be served to kids as an after school snack. One needs to think of how nutritious it could also be, apart from of being yummy of course. 

 A popular snack that's synonymous with tea time are 'tikkis'. Similar to the ones sold on the carts on streets, some served as is and some served as chaat. These tikkis essentially are just handmade cutlets like, with no filling as such. Like Patties we could say. Just a mixture of the star ingredient with some spices, they are hand shape and that's how they get their name 'tikkis' 

When we say tikkis, by far the most popular one that comes to your mind will undoubtedly be Aloo Tikkis. Boiled potatoes, seasoned with dry spice masalas, green chillies and fresh coriander leaves combined. While these are mostly deep fried, that taste absolutely great, shallow frying them  or pan frying them too is a great idea to reduce the usage of oil. 

While aloo tikkis are popular, other tikkis can also be made using paneer, peas, beetroot, raw banana, boiled pulses, the list could be endless. 

Serve them with simple condiments like Green Chutney Recipe - Coriander Mint Chutney Recipe and Date and Tamarind Chutney Recipe - Khajur Imli Chutney on the side or once could also make it like chaat with the chutneys, some dahi, chaat masala, sev and coriander leaves. 

If not for serving it either of those ways, one can serve it with pav too, dry lehsun chutney and fried mirchis. 

So here is a lost of tikkis you can make at home to serve as an evening snack, as a starter at parties or once could pack it in your child's tiffin box too.