35 Cabbage Recipes For Meal Times | North & South Indian Cabbage Recipes

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Cabbage is a versatile vegetable popular across the globe. Cabbage can be eaten raw or cooked. It is made into salads, pickles, curries, snacks and side dishes. In India we have many recipes of cabbage which transforms the humble cabbage into appetizing dishes. Here are some exciting Indian cabbage recipes for you to make at home which will surely keep you satisfied.

Cabbage is available throughout the year and that is good news because cabbage is a very healthy vegetable and should be incorporated in your diet regularly. Half a cup of cabbage contains almost 50 percent of your daily dose of vitamin C. Also it has cancer fighting compounds and its great for curing stomach ulcers. It is also loaded with fiber to keep your bowel system healthy. Low in carbs it is a perfect vegetable to be added in your diet if you are watching your weight.

When you buy a cabbage make sure you buy a cabbage with tightly packed leaves and the leaves look fresh and not wilted. Also they should not have any insects or worms between the leaves. Make sure there are no dark spots or yellowish leaves and cuts and bruises. Store cabbage in plastic bags in the fridge. They stay good up to a week refrigerated.

So now since you know all about cabbage try these amazing dishes which you and your family will love. 

1.North Indian cabbage recipes

In North India Cabbage is called as patta gobhi and here are some tasty dry subzis, kofta curries and other curries for you to make.

2.South Indian Cabbage Recipes

Known as  Muttaikose in the south, cabbage tastes great in poriyals, thorans and are simple to make. Try these amazing south Indian cabbage recipes.

3.Indian Parathas & Rice With Cabbage

Crunchy cabbage makes for a great filling in parathas and these are some of our favourite paratha recipes so do try them out.

4. Indian Snacks & Appetizers With Cabbage

Check out these popular Cabbage snacks and appetizers that you can serve as after school snacks for your kids or as tea time snacks and even at your next party.