58 Soulful Kuzhambu Recipes To Try For Your Everyday Meals

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Each region in India, brings forward their cuisines and specialty dishes with varying cooking techniques, using fresh local produce available in their areas, difference in preferences and their pallets. Besides, there's something to appreciate about all cuisines. Today, we travel down south of India to Tamilnadu, and explore their most popular dish. Kuzhambu. 

Kuzhambu is a tamarind based spicy curry, with freshly ground masala and combined along with various vegetables, meat or eggs. The most common vegetables used in Kuzhambu are pumpkin, bhindi, turkey berries, jackfruit seeds, amaranth leaves, bitter gourd, baby onions and bottle gourd. While most kuzhambu recipes call for a freshly ground masala, some recipes use a ready made sambar powder for flavour. Ingredients like coconut is a must while tamarind remains the constant souring agent throughout most kuzhambu recipes

Yet another important element of an authentic  kuzhambu is the tempering that includes mustard seeds, curry leaves and dry red chillies that lend a lovely earthy flavour to the dish.  A flavour packed dish, these kuzhambu recipes are so simple and soul satisfying that you must try them in your kitchen. 

Best eaten with steamed rice, a dollop of ghee and appalam alongside. Below is a lovely round up of some vegetarian and non vegetarian kuzhambu recipes that you can try in your kitchen. 

Vegetarian Kuzhambu Recipes 

Non Vegetarian Kuzhambu Recipes