Serve These 8 Lip Smacking Savoury Pancakes For Sunday Brunch

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Almost all of us are familiar with pancakes, and enjoy eating the ones served at cafes and coffee shops. Often pancakes are synonymous with being just sweet, served with chocolate sauce, honey, maple syrup or even fruits sometimes.  These soft, fluffy batter discs or pancakes as we know them, that are cooked in a pan or a griddle need not necessarily be just sweet, the ones that are seasoned with herbs and spices served alongside some roasted veggies or cheese are equally good if not better. 

From the vegetarian version of loading them with cheese or adding exotic veggies to the pancake batter or even serving them with condiments like salsa, hummus and cheese sauce, to the non vegetarian versions of serving these pancakes with a fried egg or a sunny side up, adding some sausages or serving some cold cuts alongside these pancakes could be a game changer. 

One could add desi seasonal veggies to the pancake batter and camouflage the nutrition to include them in your fussy child's menu, serving it either for breakfast, as an evening snack or even in your child's lunch box for school. 

A simple addition of crispy bacon and chilli sauce to a classic pancake recipe would end up in a lovely exotic breakfast made and eaten from the comfort of your home. 

Serve them as roll ups or cut them into wedges, these pancakes are so versatile, you could flavor it with any seasoning of choice and serve them piping hot staright from your kitchen. 

Breaking the monotony of our Indian menus in our household these pancakes could be tried for a refreshing change. Made with everyday simple ingredients , these savoury pancakes are a must try in your kitchen.