Indians are very fond of snacks & tiffins and very often sweets is a dish that gets added into every meal. Tea time snacks and Indian Street food varies from region to region, but predominantly each regions has its own share of fun foods that are spicy and tangy go perfect with a cup of coffee or tea.

In this section you will find over 1000+ recipes in Sweet, Tea Time Snacks, Breakfast Tiffins & Indian Sweets that are made healthy and yet keeping the traditions and authenticity.

Broccoli & Bell Pepper Zunka Recipe

Broccoli And Bell Pepper Zunka Recipe is a very popular authentic Maharashtrian recipe which has twist by adding some extra vegetables and increasing the protein content. Zunka is nothing but a chickpea scramble which is prepared with some sautéed vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and bell peppers. Serve Broccoli & Bell Pepper Zunka Recipe along with some toasted bread or just eat it with Bhakri for breakfast.  If you like this recipe of Broccoli and Bell Pepper Zunka, here are a few ...

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Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Bites Recipe (Paleo & Vegan)

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Everyone love to have chocolate based desserts, ice creams, pudding, and shakes. How about an energy bite? Yes, Chocolate-based coconut pistachio bites. Dark cocoa chocolate combines with powdered pistachios and lightly sweetened with coconut flakes and maple syrup makes this Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Bites Recipe (Paleo & Vegan). A crunchy lightly sweetened buttery delicious paleo and vegan healthy bite which comes in handy to satisfy your hunger packs. ...

पैन फ्राइड एवोकाडो कोफ्ता रेसिपी - Pan Fried Avocado Kofta (Recipe In Hindi)

क्या आप कुछ सेहतमंद खाना चाहते है? तो आप यह पैन फ्राइड एवोकाडो कोफ्ता खा सकते है. बहुत कम तेल में बनाया हुआ यह कोफ्ता अपनी हाउस पार्टीज के लिए भी बना सकते है या फिर इन् कोफ्ते को ग्रेवी में भी डाल सकते है.  पैन फ्राइड एवोकाडो कोफ्ता को धनिया पुदीना चटनी और मसाला चाय के साथ शाम के नाश्ते के लिए परोसे.  अगर आपको यह  रेसिपी पसंद आई हो तो, आप यह भी बना सकते है चिली रोस्टेड लोबिया  बनारसी स्टाइल टमाटर चाट 

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चिल्ली रोस्टेड लोबिया रेसिपी - Chilli Roasted Black Eyed Peas (Recipe In Hindi)

चिल्ली रोस्टेड लोबिया एक जल्द बनने वाला स्नैक है जिसे आप अपने शाम के नाश्ते के लिए परोस सकते है. यह एक स्वादिष्ट और सेहतमंद स्नैक है जो आप अपने रोज के खाने के साथ भी बना सकते है.  इसे अपने स्नैक बॉक्स में पैक करें और इसका आनंद ले.  चिल्ली रोस्टेड लोबिया को मसाला चाय के साथ शाम के नाश्ते के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह  रेसिपी पसंद आई हो तो, आप यह भी बना सकते है पैन फ्राइड एवोकाडो कोफ्ता  बनारसी स्टाइल टमाटर चाट 

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बनारसी स्टाइल टमाटर चाट रेसिपी - Tamatar Chaat Banarasi Style (Recipe In Hindi)

टमाटर चाट वाराणसी का एक प्रसिद्ध स्ट्रीट फ़ूड है. इसमें आलू और टमाटर को मैश करके प्याज, हरी मिर्च और हरे धनिये के साथ परोसा जाता है. अगर आप कुछ नया बनाना चाहते है तो इस चाट को अपनी रसोई में जरूर बनाए और हमे विश्वास है की आपके घर में यह सबको बहुत पसंद आएगा।  बनारसी स्टाइल टमाटर चाट को मसाला चाय के साथ शाम के नाश्ते के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह  रेसिपी पसंद आई हो तो, आप यह भी बना सकते है पैन फ्राइड एवोकाडो कोफ्ता  चिल्ली रोस्टेड लोबिया 

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Beetroot And Chickpea Kebab/Tikki Recipe - Evening Snack

Beetroot Chickpea Kebab/Cutlet are a very healthy, delicious pan fried patties that are prepared with cooked chickpeas and beetroots that are ground together with Indian spices. This mixture is mixed with crushed peanuts and shaped into tikkis and pan fried to a crisp tikki. This Beetroot Chickpea Kebab is a healthy and a protein rich evening snack and great alternative to a tikki/cutlet made with potatoes that are high in calories. It is also a diabetic friendly snack recipe that you can have ...

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Gajar Vadi Recipe - Maharashtrian Style Steamed Carrot Dumplings

Gajar Vadi is a popular Maharashtrian savoury snack which is made with gram flour, wheat flour and spices. In this recipe we have added grated carrots/gajar to make it a healthier. Vadis are steamed, making it a healthy and flavourful snack a favourite that can be sent as a snack in your kid's snack box. You can also serve Gajar Vadi as a snack at tea time or eat it as a side dish at lunch.  Did you know:  Carrots are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fiber and not to ...

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ब्रोकली शिमला मिर्च जुन्का रेसिपी - Broccoli & Bell Pepper Zunka (Recipe In Hindi)

ब्रोकली शिमला मिर्च जुन्का महाराष्ट्रियन रेसिपी है जिसमे बेसन और सब्ज़िओ का प्रयोग किया जाता है. इसमें हमने ब्रोकली, शिमला मिर्च और पत्ता गोभी का प्रयोग किया गया है. सेहत के लिए अच्छा, इस रेसिपी को नाश्ते के लिए जरूर बनाए। ब्रोकली शिमला मिर्च को ब्रेड टोस्ट और मसाला चाय के साथ सुबह के नाश्ते के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद आई हो तो, आप यह भी नाश्ते के लिए बना सकते है  टमाटर पोहा  बेले डोसा  मसाला पालक भुर्जी 

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Eggless Thandai Cookie Recipe

The Eggless Thandai Cookie Recipe is a delicious Indian cookie that is perfect for a snack along with a cup of Masala Chai. The addition of Thandai masala into the cookie, gives it a rich spicy taste, making it perfect to go along with chai. Make these cookies as a fun treat for the kids or even as an evening snack, and you will simply love them.  Serve Eggless Thandai Cookies with hot Masala Chai and Pan Fried Onion Pakora Recipe as an evening snack for your Holi parties. If you like ...

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Peanut Butter Cookie Bars Recipe-Healthy snack for kids

Peanut Butter Cookie Bars are healthy, no-sugar, no bake vegan bars without graham crackers that are here to satisfy your healthy snack craving. Peanut butter is full of protein and dates act as the sweetening agent in the bar. The oatmeal flour binds all the ingredients together and the chocolate on top is to make it more flavourful. If you like making all your ingredients at home, here's how you can make your Almond Flour and Peanut Butter at home too.  Serve these Peanut Butter Cookie ...

Baked Potato & Peas Samosa With Phyllo Pastry Recipe

Baked Peas Samosa with Phyllo Dough is a different take on the much-loved Indian snack -- Samosas. Generally samosas are deep fried, but this is a baked version that uses phyllo dough. They are quick to make and make an easy snack for tea time parties, or any other large parties. Since these samosas from made from phyllo dough, they remain crisp and can be served with Green Chutney or a Yogurt Dip. If planning ahead, you can also make the Peas Samosas wrapped in the phyllo dough and freeze them ...

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Matar Karanji /Gujiya Recipe (Maharashtrian Deep Fried Savoury Pastry)

Matar Karanji/ Gujiya is an indulgent Maharashtrian snack made using seasonal fresh green peas. Green peas and fresh coconut along with a few other spices are stuffed in a crisp flour pastry and then deep fried till golden brown. Matar Karanji is usually served as a tea time snack but you can make mini, bite sized karanjis and serve them as a party appetizer or snack. Spicy Matar karanji tastes great on its own but you can serve them with Raw Mango & Coconut Chutney or any chutney of choice ...

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Spinach & Cheese Gujiya Recipe

Gujiya happens to be our very Indian desi sweet that is typically made during festivals like Holi and Deepawali. Most of us have made or tasted the sweet gujiya with a delicious filling of coconut, mawa, nuts etc. But today I bring you a very appetizing fusion recipe of gujiya that is not sweet. Spinach & Cheese Gujiya is a savory snack made with spinach and cheese and shaped into a gujiya. This snack is ideal for children who hate to eat greens in any form. The cheese makes this spinach filled ...

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Dahi Gujiya Recipe

Dahi Gujiya is a vegetarian snack which is very famous in the Northern parts of India. It is very popularly made during festivals, a specialty of Holi festival too. It is made from thick urad dal batter. The batter is shaped into Gujiyas and are stuffed with some pepper corns, roasted cumin powder and grated ginger. This recipe is a burst of tang, spice, sweet and salt in your mouth. Try these delicious Dahi Gujiyas for this Holi festival and treat your family and friends a colorful plate of deliciousness. Serve ...

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Moong Dal Ghughra Recipe (Gujiya/ Karanji)

The Moong Dal Ghughra also known as Karanji or Gujiya in some parts of India are delicious flaky crust pastries filled with sweet, sour and spicy lentil mixture. Most often these Ghughra/ Gujiya are made when there are festivities at home or a special occasion in the family. Gujiyas are quintessential Holi snacks. Holi, the festival of colours in India is also a festival of great food. Holi food traditions involves people going to their neighbours and friends houses and enjoy this spring festival ...

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Vrat Ki Kachori Recipe (Savory Buckwheat Paneer Pastry)

Vrat Ki Kachori Recipe or Kuttu Ki Kachori/Buckwheat Pastry is a cottage cheese stuffed pastry (kachori) which is filled with Paneer masala and shallow fried on medium heat. These Kachoris filled with masala are not made from wheat flour, but from Buckwheat flour which is usually used for fasting days. It is also a no onion no garlic recipe. In India, during the fasting periods especially Navratri which falls around march and October only fruits or ingredients made out of fruit are used to prepare ...

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Soya Granule Samosa Recipe - Perfect Evening Snack

Soya Granule Samosa is a small twist to the traditional filling of potatoes. Instead of potato masala, we added soya granules peas masala in the samosa. Samosa and Masala chai is the most popular combination of snack that people relish in India. Crispy outside crust and soft spicy delicious stuffing inside, makes everyone just love this snack. It’s a fitting combo for the evening tea time break and tastes just delicious. The goodness of soya along with crunchy decadent crust, made a good evening ...

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Kerala Style Kumbil Appam Recipe (Banana and Wheat Flour Dumpling)

Kerala Style Kumbil Appam Recipe (Banana and Wheat Flour Dumpling) is a favorite Kerala snack during tea time. Wheat flour is crumbled with mashed & ripened banana. Grated coconut also adds in an extra flavor to the dish. Usually the mixture is stuffed inside a cone shaped bay leaf and then steamed. The bay leaf will give a wonderful aroma and taste as when it is steamed. But we have used banana leaves which also gives a great flavor. The snack is a very healthy option to eat during tea time. ...

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Bhutte Ka Kees Recipe

Bhutte Ka Kees is an easy and delicious recipe which you can cook for your tea time break. This recipe is a street food in Indore but is also made in Rajasthani households very often. Easy to make and delicious to taste, this recipe can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. In this recipe, a coarse paste is made out of corn which is cooked with ginger, green chillies and everyday masalas. So next time it rain, cook this healthy and delicious snack with your evening tea. Did you know - The best thing ...

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Avocado Egg Sandwich Recipe

Avocado Egg Sandwich makes a wholesome breakfast, snack or even a weeknight dinner. The creamy filling made of avocado and eggs as the base, makes room for an assortment of spices, seasonings or sandwich fillings of your choice. The sandwich recipe uses cucumber, pickled gherkins, green lettuce and some fresh herbs like coriander. The Avocado Egg Sandwich is light and refreshing that can be taken as a picnic snack or packed in your child’s snack box. It’s easy to put together and works just as ...

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Veg Shawarma Recipe

Veg Shawarma Recipe is a dish that can be had as a snack or main course.  Shawarma is a favorite dish that everyone loves to eat. The hails from the Middle Eastern region, which is mainly a meat preparation made with chicken, beef, lamb or turkey. The meat are usually placed on a spit which is nothing but a vertical grill and roasted until the meat is cooked. Using a knife the meat is shaved to thin slices and then mixed along with hummus, crunchy onions and wrapped with pickled cucumber and ...

Rajma Aloo Cutlet Recipe (Tikki/Patty)

Rajma Aloo Cutlet Recipe is a delicious and healthy snack, perfect for tea time at home. These cutlets are packed with the goodness of kidney beans which are usually available in dried bean form in India. If you like rajma, but are looking for an interesting alternative way to cook it, apart from the usual Punjabi styled curry this is a great way to do it. Make the cutlets slightly larger in size and you can even sandwich them in between burger buns for a lazy Sunday brunch or outdoor picnic. Did ...

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Awadhi Style Nargisi Kofta Recipe (Boiled Egg Wrapped With Spiced Potato Recipe)

Awadhi Style Nargisi Kofta Recipe (Boiled Egg Wrapped With Spiced Potato Recipe) is a dry kofta served as a starter. An innovative way of using the boiled egg wrapped up with spiced potato. The whole dish is then crumb fried in a shallow pan. Originally the Awadhi’s prepare by covering the boiled egg with minced meat preparation, and the whole egg is then shallow fried. It is also similar to “scotch eggs” in European style preparation. Serve the Awadhi Style Nargisi Kofta (Boiled Egg Wrapped ...

Egg Shoap Recipe | Assamese Appetizer

Egg Shoap recipe is a famous Assamese Appetizer. Deep fried cutlets made with boiled eggs and potatoes flavored with Indian spices is a great tea time snack option and even makes an amazing party snack recipe for kids. Serve Egg Shoap Recipe | Assamese Appetizer with roasted tomato sauce during evening. Here are a few more Assamese recipes that you could also try Chak-Hao Amubi Recipe (Black Rice Pudding) Masala Chai Kulfi Recipe Assamese Bilahir Tok Recipe Assamese Poita Bhat With Aloo ...

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