Thai Lunch Meal Plate : Chicken Red Curry, Rice Paper Rolls, Papaya Salad

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Are you planning to cook a special meal for your loved ones this weekend? here we have made things easier and simple by just picking up the best recipes that you can prepare at your kitchen. Thai cuisine is so special to every body as it is comforting and quick to make on a lazy weekend. At the same time you will find the joy of eating something delectable at your every own place.

In today's meal plate we have picked the most common recipes from Thai. The red curry cooked with brinjal and chicken is the best flavourful one pot dish that you can have with some hot steamed rice. In the curry you are free to add any kind of vegetables of your choice. The meal is then completed by a stuffed rice paper spring roll by the side and freshly prepared papaya salad that will refresh your palate as you eat. 

Plan your day to day meals by following our menu list for today:

1.Thai Red Curry with Chicken and Brinjal Recipe 

The red curry is the perfect one pot curry which has the right flavour of lemon grass and galangal from the red curry paste. If you are looking for more Thai curry recipe here are some :

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Thai Meal Plate with red curry spring rolls tom yom 7061 2

2. Thai Style Vegetarian Spring Rolls Recipe

The spring roll is so refreshing and it has the right amount of pickled vegetables that makes it the perfect appetizer for your meal. If you are looking for more Thai Appetizer here are some :

  1. Thai Stir Fried Green Beans Recipe
  2. Thai Roasted Vegetables with Peanut Coconut Sauce
  3. Sweet And Spicy Thai Style Paneer Recipe

Spring roll

3. Thai Green Papaya Salad Recipe

The salad by the side will be the perfect accompaniment to be had along with your thai red curry. The salad is simple to make and is not rich on the palate. If you are looking for more Thai salad recipe here are some :

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Thai Papaya Salad Recipe