23 Barfi Recipes For Those Sweet Craving Days | Burfi Recipe For Festivals

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Barfi, it is an Indian fudge which is made during festivals and special occasions. This Indian sweet is delicious and is usually made from milk but you can always make it differently according to your taste and preference. The name Barfi is adopted from a Persian word Burf, which means snow. You can make different types of Barfi flavouring it from fruits, vegetables and dry fruits. Some of the most popular Barfi are, Besan Barfi, Pista Barfi, Kaju Barfi etc. 

According to the season of fruits, you can make these Barfis from fresh fruits, which gives it an extra flavour. In India, every special occasion and festival is celebrated with sweets and what can be better than these delicious and mouth watering Burfis. You can also make these burfis in various shapes from square, diamond to round.

To give an extra flavour to this barfis, cardamom is used which surely adds a festive taste to this mouth watering delicacies. Especially during Rakhi and Diwali, these Burfis are made at home and even send to family members and friends as gifts.

Whenever there is a festival at home, we always bring store bought burfis, but have you ever tried making it at home? We have lined up 24 inviting and flavourful BARFI RECIPES that you can make in your kitchen with very few ingredients.