6 Hearty Soups That Make A Wholesome Meal

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There’s a sudden nip in the air thanks to a temporary return of heavy rains and gusty winds, and there's nothing more comforting than a hearty bowl of soup in this weather. The obvious benefits of health and nutrition aside, soups are a great way to introduce a range of vegetables you might not otherwise cook with. Ever thought of putting celery and apples into soup? Or made a savoury drinkable recipe with watermelon?

This collection includes innovative ways make meals of soups. Easy to cook, nutritious and all ready in a single pot – Soups are a great option for hectic weeknights or busy days when you want to sneak in a quick but healthy lunch. What’s With the right wholesome and nourishing soup, you need little else to turn it into a meal. But if you wish to, you could add a side of your favourite Salad, or a simple appetizer like Cutlets, Savoury Muffins, or Dinner Rolls to make a filling meal for your entire family.

From comforting classics like Corn Chowder and Mushroom Soup to interesting soupy explorations like Curried Apple & Celery Soup and Roasted Cherry Tomato Soup, this list also includes two chilled soups for not-so-chilly days. If you’re not facing the nip in the air maybe you’ll be tempted to try these cool soups instead – Spinach & Cucumber Soup and Watermelon & Cucumber Gazpacho.