Rice is the staple food of the Indians across regions in India. India is one of the world's largest producers of white rice and brown rice and is the staple food of the people of the eastern and southern parts of the country. Every region uses rice in a variety of different ways.  In this section you will 30 + best vegetarian rice recipes from Beetroot Rice, Lemon Rice, Tomato Rice, Spinach Rice, Hyderabadi Biryani, Mushroom Biryani, Peas Pulao, Paneer Pulao, Sambar Rice, Bisi Bele Bhaat, Tamarind Rice and more.

Saoji Methi Pulao Recipe - Maharashtrian Style Fenugreek Leaves Pulao

Saoji Methi Pulao Recipe is the Fenugreek Leaves Pulao cooked In Maharashtrian Spices prepared freshly called saoji masala. Saoji masala is a regional spicy masala from Vidarbha of Maharashtra, which is used in a variety of non-vegetarian recipes as well. Serve Saoji Methi Pulao Recipe along with Ajwaini Tamatar Bhindi and Phulka to make it a delicious everyday meal. If you like this recipe, explore more Pulao Recipe that you can make for everyday meals: Mixed Beans Veg Pulao Recipe Sprouted ...

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Vegetarian Kabuli Pulao Recipe - Rice Layered With Chickpea Curry

Kabuli Pulao is a traditional dish from the Kabul region of Afghanistan. It is usually cooked with meat. However, here we have replaced the meat with the healthy chickpeas for a vegetarian twist, with Vegetarian Kabuli Pulao Recipe. The long grain basmati rice is cooked with the whole garam masala, chickpeas are cooked with cinnamon and many other spices and then layered alternately. Lastly, it is finished with the fried onions and mint leaves to give it a distinctive flavour. It makes for a whole ...

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Gujarati Biraj Recipe - Saffron Flavored Sweet Lentil Rice With Dry Fruits & Coconut

Gujarati Biraj Recipe is essentially rice cooked along with fresh coconut, bengal gram and dry fruits is truly a taste enhancer and makes a perfect dessert. Although Gujarati’s enjoy the Biraj - sweetened rice along with their main course, I like to savor it towards the end of the meal to get the perfect after taste of the spices, nuts and coconut. Serve the Gujarati Biraj along with hot Gujarati Kadhi and Desi Kala Chana Curry. If you like Gujarati Recipes, then you must try some of your favorites Gujarati Dal ...

Ilish Pulao Recipe - Bengali Style Hilsa Fish Pilaf

Ilish Pulao Recipe (Bengali Style Hilsa Fish Pilaf) is an extremely fragrant and delicious Bengali style Fish Pilaf cooked with Ilish mach or Hilsa. This flavoursome Bangladeshi delicacy is one of the traditional dishes of Bangladesh. This popular Bengali fish pilaf has quite unique combination of earthy flavours of fresh ilish and classic taste of Bengali gota groom moshla (whole garam masala). Here Ilish or Hilsa is cooked in Mishti Doi and Coconut milk along with rice and ...

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Bengali Holud Mishti Pulao Recipe - Saffron Flavored Rice With Nuts

Bengali Holud Mishti Pulao Recipe (Saffron Flavored Rice With Nuts Recipe) is a Bengali flavored rice tossed with toasted nuts like cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio and raisins and flavored with saffron.  Every meal in Bengali cuisine should have this as their main course to be served along with a side dish or Non-vegetarian gravy.It is mainly prepared during the festival of Dussehra for Durga Pujor Bhuri Bhoj. The few fragments of saffron added to the rice gives a wonderful fragrance and the ...

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Gopalkala Recipe - Janmashtami Special)

The Gopalkala Recipe is a popular offering to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami. Gopalkala is a savory dish made of beaten rice, cucumbers, green chilies, coconut and the tempering is done using ghee. The Gopalkala Recipe is just like curd rice, the only difference is beaten rice is used. Gopalkala not just a scrumptious dish but is also very nutritive, this can be prepared in 5 minutes

चेटिनाड तक्काली सादम रेसिपी - Chettinad Takkali Sadam Recipe

चेटिनाड तक्काली सादम रेसिपी एक फ्लेवर से भरपूर चावल की डिश है जिसे तमिल नाडु के चेट्टिनाड क्षेत्र में बनाई जाती है. यह फ्लेवर से भरपूर डिश जिसे आप रोज के खाने के लिए बना सकते है. आप यह अपने बच्चो के बॉक्स में भी पैक कर सकते है. चेटिनाड तक्काली सादम रेसिपी को बूंदी रायता और पापड़ के साथ दिन के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है,  अवधी स्टाइल तेहरी रेसिपी  मशरुम मेथी ब्राउन राइस रेसिपी  एल्लु सादम रेसिपी 

Shehenshahi Parsi Keema Pulao Recipe

Parsi Cuisine is a mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian food that is influenced by Gujarati and Iranian Cuisine. Parsi food is undoubtedly a meat lovers paradise. Shehenshahi Keema Pulao is one of the many amazing delicacies that belong to this Parsi Food Community and brings out some authentic flavours that are inspired by Persia. Slow cooked Mutton mince is layered with basmati long grain rice and garnished with dry fruits, saffron and eggs brings out some amazing texture and flavour to the dish. ...

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Singhara Pulao Recipe - Water Chestnut Mixed Rice

Singhara Pulao Recipe (Water Chestnut Mixed Rice Recipe) is a fasting recipe that can be often prepared during the Navratri season. As during that time of the year people usually avoid dishes that contains onion, garlic and any root vegetables. Singhara is often consumed in many ways, even the flour is used to make thalipeeth and khichdi. Singhara in other words called as water chestnut; it is an aquatic plant which has its seed as the edible part. The seed is rich in protein and dietary fiber. ...

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Thengai Paal Sadam Recipe - Coconut Milk Pulao

Thengai Paal Sadam or Coconut Milk Pulao is a deliciously aromatic, mildly spiced one pot rice dish that is easy to prepare in a jiffy. Coconut milk is cooked along with the rice in a pressure cooker and later garnished with ghee fried cashew nuts. Coconut milk is easy to prepare at home and can be stored up to 4 days in a airtight jar in the fridge. It can be used for a variety of dishes like stews, curries and even eaten along with appams.  How to make Coconut Milk at home : Add freshly ...

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मोतिया चिलमन पुलाव रेसिपी - Motiya Chilman Pulao Recipe

मोतिया चिलमन पुलाव एक सरल चावल की डिश है जिसे प्रेशर कुकर में बनाया जाता है. यह डिश अवधी खाने में बनाई जाती है. इसमें मोतिया पनीर के बॉल्स को कहा जाता है जिसे पुलाव में डाला जाता है.  मोतिया चिलमन पुलाव को बूंदी रायता और डुबकी वाले आलू के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है,  अवधी स्टाइल तेहरी रेसिपी  मशरुम मेथी ब्राउन राइस रेसिपी  एल्लु सादम रेसिपी 

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Hyderabadi Biryani With Basmati Rice (Mutton & Chicken)

Hyderabadi Biryani is one of the most authentic and traditional dishes from the hyderabadi cuisine. This biryani recipe is an adaptation and tastes just as delicious as the one that you get in a traditional home. The succulent pieces of mutton are marinated in a perfect blend of aromatic spices and herbs which not only add to the taste, but also the flavors and texture. The addition of Kohinoor Gold Basmati rice which is 24 months Naturally Aged Pure & Authentic Basmati rice makes the dish really ...

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Maharashtrian Green Moong Bhat Recipe - Sprouted Green Moong Pulao

Maharashtrian Green Moong Bhat Recipe (Sprouted Green Moong Pulao Recipe) a quickly tossed rice with sprouted green mung makes it the perfect lunch meal. The onions and bell peppers are sautéed till it has the right crunch and is mixed along with sprouted green mung. The perfectly cooked rice are just carefully tossed into the spicy gravy and coated well. Serve the Maharashtrian Green Moong Bhat with a healthy raita like Spinach Raita or just a simple Mint and Pomegranate Raita to enjoy your meal. If ...

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Baby Potatoes Pulao Recipe - Aloo Pulao Recipe

Baby Potatoes Pulao Recipe is a delicious simple pulao recipe made with baby potatoes. It is quick to make and makes for a wonderful lunch box recipe. The baby potatoes are lightly fried in oil before adding it to the pulao, giving it a nice colour and crispy texture. The Baby Potatoes Pulao Recipe is aromatic with the addition of whole garam masalas. The fresh coriander and mint leaves add a refreshing taste as well. Serve the Baby Potatoes Pulao Recipe along with Cucumber Green Chilli ...

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Kashmiri Kesar Pulao - Saffron Fennel Rice Recipe

Kashmiri Saffron Fennel Rice Recipe, is rice cooked with saffron strands, fennel seeds, along with cloves and cinnamon that make this dish absolutely lip smacking. This subtly flavoured rice goes with a lovely robust gravy.  Serve Kashmiri Saffron Fennel Rice Recipe along with Kashmiri Rogan Josh Recipe - Mutton in Red Curry and a side of Kashmiri Style Nadir Monjvor Recipe - Lotus Stem Cutlets for a complete Kashmiri meal. Try our other Saffron recipes:  ...

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Chettinad Vegetable Pulav Recipe -

Chettinad Vegetable Pulao is a classic South Indian way of making rice. The spices are a unique blend of saunf (fennel seeds), black peppercorns with the addition of baby onions, ginger and garlic which add to the taste. This Pulao is made with Basmati rice, which is aged & matured naturally for 24 months for its soft shiny look & sweet taste. Serve the Chettinad Vegetable Pulao along with Tomato Onion Raita and Vegetable Kurma for lunch or dinner. Did You know: ...

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Kashmiri Style Pulao With Coconut Milk Recipe

Kashmiri Pulao is a treat to the eyes as well as to the taste buds. This traditional rice recipe of Kashmir is full of flavor with the added goodness of dry fruits and fresh fruits. The rice is cooked in homemade coconut milk and flavored with rose essence. You may also use saffron. This is a perfect main course dish recipe for any festival. Check out how to make Kashmiri pulao using coconut milk. Serve Kashmiri Pulao With Coconut Milk Recipe along with Boondi Raita Recipe Spiced With Black Salt ...

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Lemon Rice Recipe - Elumichai Sadam/Chitranna

The Lemon Rice Recipe also known as Elumichai Sadam in Tamil or Chitranna in Karnataka is a rice that is packed with flavors from lemon, green chillies and curry leaves. Different flavored rice is a very popular way of reusing leftover rice from the previous day. Making use of leftover rice, makes it easy to pack your lunch box for work or school.  Serve the Lemon Rice (Elumichai Sadam/Chitranna) along with papad and tomato onion raita, or plain yogurt. If you like this recipe, try ...

Calcutta Style Chicken Biryani Recipe

This Calcutta Style Chicken Biryani is quite distinct in flavor from the rest and stands out with the use of potato in the biryani. I have personally come to love meat and potato together and the Calcutta Style Chicken Biryani appeals to me on that level.  As far as biryani goes India has a fair variety, something to please everyone. Lucknowi Murg Biryani, Kongunaadu Pattani Biryani, and Hyderabadi Biryani are all the famous most regional Biryanis. It is also not extremely spicy like the Andhra ...

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Gujarati Badshahi Pulao Recipe - A Rich Preparation Of Rice, Vegetables, Nuts And Spices

Baadshah in Hindi means king and as the name suggests it was prepared for the kings who ruled Gujarat. Nuts and spices like cashew nuts, almonds and saffron formed an integral part of the royal cuisine and when cooked along with a fine quality of basmati rice, it enhances the flavors of this delectable Badshahi Pulao. Serve the Badshahi Pulao with Gujarati Kadhi and Papad and Boondi Raita for a quick weeknight dinner or parties. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Pulao recipes ...

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Paneer Tikka Pulao Recipe

Paneer Tikka Pulao is a simple one pot meal that is prepared by cooking marinated and pan roasted Paneer tikka along with rice and spices in a pressure cooker. If you have left over paneer tikka from previous day, you can just make this quick rice dish by mixing them together. It makes a brilliant lunch box recipe that can be prepared overnight and carried over for next day's lunch.  Serve Paneer Tikka Pulao along with Tomato Onion Raita or Tadka Raita for a simple ...

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Aromatic Vegetable Pulao Recipe

Aromatic Vegetable Pulao is a mild and aromatic dish which is low on spices and high on taste with an added crunch and flavour of veggies. A one pot dish that can be prepared in just 20 minutes from start to end. This recipe is ideal for lunch box ,a lazy weekend meal or can even cater to the party menu. Serve Aromatic Vegetable Pulao along with Burani Raita, Raw Mango Raita or any other raita of your choice. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Pulao Recipes such as: Kashmiri ...

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Vagharela Chawal Recipe - Parsi Style Brown Rice

Vagharela Chawal Recipe is rice with tadka. In Parsi Vaghar means tadka. Onions are sliced and caramelised till it attains a lovely golden brown colour. Rice is cooked along with these onions and whole spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves that lend a great aroma to the rice.  Serve the Vagharela Chawal along with Dhansak or Parsi Salli Murgh Recipe - Salli Marghi and salad for a simple weekday lunch or weeknight dinner. If you like the Vagharela Chawal Recipe , then you ...

चेट्टिनाड वेजिटेबल पुलाव रेसिपी - Chettinad Vegetable Pulao Recipe

चेट्टिनाड वेजिटेबल पुलाव रेसिपी एक दक्षिण भारतीय पुलाव है जिसमे चावल के साथ सौंफ, काली मिर्च, प्याज, अदरक और लहसुन का प्रयोग किया जाता है. यह बनाने में बहुत आसान है इसलिए आप इसे रोज के खाने के लिए बना सकते है.  चेट्टिनाड वेजिटेबल पुलाव रेसिपी को बूंदी रायता और सेके हुए पापड़ के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है,  अवधी स्टाइल तेहरी रेसिपी  मशरुम मेथी ब्राउन राइस रेसिपी  एल्लु सादम रेसिपी 

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