Portion Control Meal Plate : Sambar, Sundal, Corn Carrot Sabzi, Raw Banana Podimas And Rice

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A delicious and wholesome South Indian Portion Control Meal Plate which includes Raw Mango Sambar, Pacha Parappu & Mocha Parappu Sundal, Baby Corn And Carrot Subzi, Vazhakkai Podimas and Steamed Rice. 

As the mango season is in, make this delicious Raw Mango Sambarwhich is a delicious combination of Raw Mango and Dal. It is also tempered with mustard seeds, dry red chilli, hing and urad dal. Along with this Sambar we have, Pacha Parappu & Mocha Parappu Sundal, Baby Corn And Carrot Subzi and Vazhakkai Podimas. All these vegetables helps you fulfill the daily nutrient intake and also keeps you filled till the next meal. 

To complete the meal, we have served Steamed Rice. You can also reduce the portion of steamed rice or include brown rice or red rice in place of Steamed white rice. If you want to skip the rice fully, you can include a bowl of curd to eat with this meal. 

1. Raw Mango Sambar Recipe

A delicious Sambar that you can make this Summer with Raw Mango. This is a Tamil Nadu Style Sambar which is a delicious combination of Raw Mango and Dal. It is then tempered with mustard seeds, dry red chilli, hing and urad dal that helps to add more flavours. The dal has a right balance of sourness from the raw mango and sweetness from the jaggery.

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Raw Mango Sambar Recipe


2. Pacha Parappu & Mocha Parappu Sundal Recipe

Pacha Parappu & Mocha Parappu Sundal which is also called as Green Sprouts & Flat Broad Bean Stir Fry is a high protein side dish that is made from sprouted green moong, flat beans that is tossed with coconut and tempered with mustard seeds, onion and dry red chilli. 

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Moong Sprout Sundal Recipe


3. Baby Corn And Carrot Subzi Recipe

Baby Corn And Carrot Subzi  is a quick and easy subzi which is made with onion and garlic. Fennel seeds and fresh coconut are used to makes this dish, which surely elevates its taste and flavour.

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Baby Corn and Carrot Subzi Recipe


4. Vazhakkai Podimas Recipe

Vazhakkai Podimas is a very simple and wholesome Ayurvedic recipe made from raw bananas and is flavoured with peanuts. It is alos tempered with asafoetida, roasted urad dal and curry leaves. At the end, lemon juice is added which adds an extra taste and flavour to this dish.

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Raw Banana Podimas Recipe

5. Steamed Rice 

In this meal plate, we have added some steamed rice to go with this South Indian Meal Plate. Comforing and delicious, Steamed Rice tastes delicious with Sambar and dry sabzis. 

Steamed rice