Who is not aware of cashew nuts, or kaju as they are commonly known in India. Cashew nuts are the seeds that are present within the cashew apples of the cashew tree, which is a native to Brazil and is believed to have been brought into India by the Portuguese. The kidney or bean shaped nuts are packed with anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals that aid the smooth functioning of our bodies. 

Sun is blazing hot in many parts of the country. While it is great to see all the trees beaming with wonderful flowers, it would be such a lovely idea to enjoy summers with something cool and light to eat. Kids and adults crave for frozen desserts in summer more than in any other season. Therefore we have lined up some delicious popsicles for you that you can make at home? These are easy to make and delightful to have.

Asian food is one of those cuisines which is loved by everyone because it emphasises on a combination of flavours and textures, often within a single dish. From delicious curries, lip smacking one bowl dishes to spicy rice or noodles, the Asian cuisine has lot to offer which suits our Indian taste buds. On one hand, there are some gravies which needs to be served with steamed rice or hakka noodles, while on the other there are one dish recipes which be had on its own like the noodle bowls.

“Iniya Tamil Puthandu Nalvazhthukkal” to all the readers as April 14 of this year is marked to be the new beginnings to all the people who live in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Tamilians in Sri Lanka. Tamil New Year known as “Puthandu” in Tamil language is the first day of the year in Tamil Calendar. “Chithirai Matham” also called as the beginning of the month in Tamil is what they look forward according to the Gregorian calendar. 

Breads are the best option to have in breakfast when we are in jiffy and want to have a quick breakfast that is healthy and fills our stomach at the same time. Just apply some flavoured butter on top and there, you have a yummy breakfast ready! These can also be served as a snack with your hot cup of tea or coffee during tea time break.

Dhokla as all of us know is originated from the state of Gujarat and is mostly enjoyed as a Breakfast. Breakfast being the most essential meal of the day, it's important to have a nutrition rich breakfast and Dhoklas fit in perfectly. Dhoklas are rich in proteins because of the besan being the core ingredient.

Easter marks the celebration of rebirth of Jesus Christ from the dead, the celebration is also associated with certain rituals and as well as the most awaited Easter Traditional Feast. After the 40 days of lent, people would rejoice the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection with a glass of wine and a marvelous meal with their loved ones with warm hearts.

Tacos are a traditional Mexican dish where in a shell called tortilla made mostly of wheat or corn flour, is wrapped around a filling. It is believed that the origin of tacos occurred in the Mexican silver mines since the first taco ever was called 'taco de minero' which translates to Miners' Taco. The word taco originally referred to pieces of paper that miners would wrap around gunpowder and use in holes that were carved into the face of the rock. 

Different regions of the country have a specific festival which marks the start of the New Year. While Ugadi/Yugadi is the festival for Karnataka, Bisu or Vishu festival is the day of New Year for Tulu region of Karnataka, that includes, Mangalore, Udupi, Kasargod. The New Year for Kerala and Tamil Nadu is also on the same day, April 14th of every year. This day marks the Solar New Year, called “Bisu Parba” in Tulu.

Summer is here and so is the holiday season for kids, and what better time for them to relax without having to worry about pending homeworks, assignments, tests et al.

Working folks need all the energy to stay active mentally throughout the day. With the challenges we face in work day after day, we should be alert and creative in any work we are committed to do. Active mind and body is least prone to errors and ponders way to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Poila Boishakh, is a celebration of joy and hope for the Bengalis as it marks the first day of their new year. It falls on the 14th or 15th of every April and is mainly celebrated in the states of West Bengal, Tripura and among the Bengalis all around the world. On this auspicious day, Bengali’s usually visits Kali temple to worship their goddess, make Rangoli outside their house and celebrate with family and friends over scrumptious and lip smacking food.

As the heat is increasing with the passing day, it's very essential for us to keep our body cool to stay fit and refresh during the summers.

When the environment heats up outside, the best way to balance your health is to cool down from inside and you can do it through food that is favourable to cool down your body. It is advisable to take in lot of fluids that include water, fruit juices, buttermilk, and water based fruits. Avoid food that heats you up, like spicy curries, chillies, hot peppers, sesame seeds and fruits like Mango, Papaya etc.

Rajasthan, the state of royals is known for his culture and food. The unique taste and flavour of each and every Rajasthani dish has a royal touch to it. Whether it is a snack, main course or a dessert dish, everything tastes heavenly. Well, its very well known for its rich food but it is famous for its toothsome sweets too. These sweets are a part of every festival, wedding or any special occasion in the state.

Baisakhi is the harvest festival of North India, it marks the onset for winter harvest. Farmers celebrate this day by offering their gratitude to mother Earth for blessing them with good crop the upcoming season. For the Sikh and Punjabi communities, Baisakhi is important because the foundation of Panth Khalsa was laid down on this very day.

Halwa is one dessert recipe which Indian cuisine is abundant with, and is most explored on the numerous days when we have festivals to celebrate, or occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. In traditional families, stirring up Indian regional sweets or halwa is preferred to cutting cakes and trying party recipes from non-Indian cuisines, especially when it is a birthday or anniversary of the elders in family.

Lotus Stem, as the name implies is part of the aquatic lotus flower, and is a widely used vegetable in Asian cuisine, and is also used in traditional herbal medicine.

Ram Navami is a Hindu festival celebrated to honor the birth of Lord Rama, a revered deity in Hinduism. In South India, devotees typically observe the occasion by reciting passages from the Ramayana, singing devotional songs, and participating in processions carrying idols of Lord Rama. Special prayers are offered at temples, and traditional sweets like panakam (a jaggery and water drink) and kosambari (a salad made with lentils and cucumber) are prepared as offerings. 

South Indian's usually perform the Kalyanotsavam which means the marriage celebration of Lord Rama by keeping the statues of Lord Rama and Sita and take on a procession on streets.  They also include Hanuman statue for the Pooja. Ram Navami has different names in different states, to name a few, In Andhra it's called Chaitra Navratri, in Karnataka it's called Vasanthothsavam.

In the rest of India, festivities include reading or listening to the Ramayana, singing bhajans (devotional songs), and conducting elaborate puja ceremonies at homes and temples. Fasting, charity, and acts of service are also common practices during Ram Navami, symbolizing devotion and adherence to the values exemplified by Lord Rama. Overall, Ram Navami is a time for spiritual reflection, cultural celebrations, and the reinforcement of moral principles across different regions of India.

South Indian Traditional Ram Navami Recipes

Ram Navami Traditional Fasting Recipes

Deciding on a menu for house parties is difficult, especially when we want to make something Indian. There are so many recipes in Indian Cuisine which we can make for such house parties, that we end up getting confused about what to make for the main course, especially when we want to try something new. 

Muffins are our absolute favourite because they are basically just cake, and no one is going to judge you for savouring them for breakfast! 

Breakfast, brunch, snack or dinner, anytime is muffin time. Muffins are not only ridiculously delicious, but they are uber versatile when it comes to the number of combinations that they can be baked with. Savoury or sweet, there is a muffin for our every mood. From the basic bran muffins to whimsy ones like zucchini, there is a muffin to satiate everyones' tastebuds. 

Joy, merriment, trips and learning something new through experience and much more define summer holidays for kids. That’s the time when the kids run out of ideas to amuse themselves if left on their own. Streamline the children’s activities throughout the day and reduce their stress of the biggest question- “What do I do next?” Come up with various plans to keep your kids occupied.

After a week of hectic schedule and all the chaos, weekends are to relax! And what can be better than cooking some delicious breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning and have a relaxed morning with your family. Monday to Friday, we struggle with what to make which is easy and fast, but the weekend is the time to unwind and take the time to make something you really want.

Weekends are perfect to experiment with our cooking! With the usual food throughout the weekday, we end up craving for something delicious to eat during the weekends. To satisfy our cravings, we are always searching for something new to cook for our Brunch parties with friends and family. Well, you can try a new cuisine this time which is easy, tasty and suits the Indian taste. How about cooking a Moroccan brunch this weekend? Sounds interesting right!

Packed with fibre, minerals and vitamins, figs are a fruit of the Mulberry family and have a uniquely sweet taste to them, with a chewy texture and slightly crunchy seeds within. Though fresh figs taste delicious as it is, but they are dried for longevity. Either way their distinct taste makes them stand apart in any dish they are added to.