14 High Protein & Healthy Foods To Keep You Active Through The Day

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Working folks need all the energy to stay active mentally throughout the day. With the challenges we face in work day after day, we should be alert and creative in any work we are committed to do. Active mind and body is least prone to errors and ponders way to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

So, what do you keep saying yourself to be active and alive throughout the day? Besides a complete sleep every night, seemingly minor things like a quick chat with a colleague or catching up on a Facebook update or reading an article about the industry you are in, could be a huge booster to get on with your work life smoothly. Recollecting a happy memory or your favourite possession to remind yourself that you are special helps you to look at the challenge at hand in a different limelight and solve it much differently. Getting a quick walk in fresh air, drinking adequate water, a cup of coffee or tea, and making time to eat healthy at right time during the office hours could all help you with a healthier approach to your work life.

Here we have come up with refreshing food ideas while you are at work. Few food recipes can be made at home and carried along your lunch boxes, and a few can be had before you start your day at office. Try them out and you will love the mood and energy perk they provide!

Breakfast Plate To Start Your Day

Eating a right breakfast is a starter that will keep you fuller for longer and slow the dip in your energy. Never skip your breakfast. Try to make a complete breakfast plate, instead of trying on instant cereal breakfast recipes. Here are a few complete breakfast plate ideas that you can try. Come up with your favourite breakfast ideas and pair it up with healthy veggies, or fruits to start the day right.

Smoothie Bowls As Breakfast

Smoothie bowls are one of the easy and quick to prepare breakfast recipe especially for working people. Make sure that you get all the nutrition right, by choosing the right ingredients. You can add muesli, chia seeds, oats and fruits into the smoothie bowl you prepare. Here are a few idea of the breakfast smoothie bowls you can make for yourself and your family.

Office Snacks You Can Carry

Office snacks that you can carry makes a difference when you feel a small hunger pang or a food craving at office. You can have these office snacks as the mid-morning or afternoon snack. These snacks are great to go to feel good and keep you fixed till lunch time, or to spike your energy during the second half of the day till you reach back home in the evening.