8 Delicious & Mouth Watering Pancakes To Serve During Breakfast On Weekends

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Weekend, this word itself brings a smile on our face! We finally get a break after busy and hectic 5 week days and we want to make full use of it. And what can be better than starting our weekend with delicious breakfast. Well, there are many recipes to make for the breakfast, but Pancakes are our favourite. Different flavours, toppings and sauce makes us drool over this dish again and again.

Pancake is a thin, flat and round shaped cake which is prepared from a batter that may contain eggs, milk and butter. It is cooked on a hot surface like a frying pan with oil or butter. From chocolate, fruits to plain pancakes, every recipe tastes yummy and makes a perfect breakfast. You can even make these pancakes for Brunch or as a dessert after your meal.

They are easy to make and requires very few ingredients. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself with these 10 mouth watering Pancake recipes during your weekend and impress your friends and family.