Make Your Weekend Breakfast Delightful With These 8 Different Types Of Gujarati Dhoklas

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Dhokla as all of us know is originated from the state of Gujarat and is mostly enjoyed as a Breakfast. Breakfast being the most essential meal of the day, it's important to have a nutrition rich breakfast and Dhoklas fit in perfectly. Dhoklas are rich in proteins because of the besan being the core ingredient.

In the South, it's prefered as a snack or as a side dish. Dhoklas are typically fermented batter that can be done with various combinations. Instant Dhoklas are also done and taste equally good which are done in microwave.

Ton add a twist to the usual Dhoklas, we have also listed out flavoured Dhokla recipes that uses healthy ingredients like the Amaranth Sooji, Oats, Green Moong Dal, Ragi, and Palak. You can also add any millets of your choice and boost its nutritional values. Look at this specially curated Dhokla recipes that you can enjoy making it for your family either for breakfast or just as a snack and trust me each one of them taste more delicious than the other.