20 Delicious Ways To Include Cashew Nuts In Your Diet

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Who is not aware of cashew nuts, or kaju as they are commonly known in India. Cashew nuts are the seeds that are present within the cashew apples of the cashew tree, which is a native to Brazil and is believed to have been brought into India by the Portuguese. The kidney or bean shaped nuts are packed with anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals that aid the smooth functioning of our bodies. 

Cashew nuts have a reputation of being high on fats, but the good news is they are high on good fats which are very important for the body. Cashews contain a good amount of vitamin K which helps in proper blood clotting, copper that is good for healthy skin and hair, flavanols that restrict the growth of cancerous cells, calcium and magnesium that are good for healthy bones, reduces the risks of gallstone development and oleic acid present helps with maintaining cardiovascular health. 

Cashew nuts have a mildly sweet taste to them, and can be munched on as a healthy snack as it is, or can be added to an array of different dishes for a distinctly delicious nutty flavor. We have provided you with enough reasons to include this delicious nut in your diet, also to make this simpler, we have put together different recipes right from smoothie, fritter, curry, delectable desserts et al to help you relish them hassle free.