18 Bengali Sweets To Satiate Your Sweet Tooth

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Bengalis are famous for their rich culture and their delectably delicious sweets. When one hears of Bengal, ones' thoughts naturally shifts towards their tasty sweets more than anything else. Bengal is a paradise for sweet lovers, and the admirability that rasgulla, mishti doi, sandesh et al enjoy, there is no doubt that the Bengalis take their sweet making quite seriously. Most Bengali sweets are milk based, made of cottage cheese (chena).

As cliched as rasgulla, sandesh, mishti doi are, they are undeniably also uber scrumptious. But let us move over from these too well known sweets, and try some more Bengali sweets that exist and are equally tasty. We have put together a list of some lip smackingly delicious sweets from the land of the two rivers for you to try, we assure you will not regret trying these recipes!