20 Easy Recipes For Your Next Potluck Lunch

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Potlucks are the most exciting gathering with friends or family where each one attending the get-together cooks delicious food and contributes to the menu. Did you know the word potluck comes in the 16th century English work of Thomas Nashe, and means "food provided for an unexpected or uninvited guest, the luck of the pot."

Potlucks are usually for small gathering and either the menu theme is decided much earlier or the guests are allowed to pick recipes of their choice and carry them along. The menu usually ranges from welcome drinks to desserts depending on the location where the party is being hosted. It's always a nice idea to host potluck parties at home since electric appliances like the oven and refrigerators can be used for heating or cooling dishes.   

Ok, you must already be planning your next party now and we at Archana's Kitchen are always excited about such gatherings and thought this would be the best time to help you plan your menu. We have curated a 6 course potluck party meal with 4 recipe options in each course that's easy and delicious. Have a look at them below and tell us what else would you like us to add in the menu.


Considering the scorching heat outside, these cool drinks are a must for any party during summer. 


These are some easy snacks that gets done quickly and you can dedicate more time preparing the main course


Sweets are any day a must have during parties and what if they are this easy to make?  When we have such sweets over the table, it's definitely hard to control our sugar cravings. 

 Vegetarian Main Course:

The most important part of a party meal, and this is something everyone looks forward to. A dry sabzi with some mouth watering spicy gravies are a must. To accompany this we either can have rotis or phulkas or some simple rice dish. 

 Non-Vegetarian Main Course:

How can you miss out on the non-veg menu? A chicken started with some spicy gravy dish and a Biryani is just enough to satisfy us. 


Desserts are always the show-stoppers in any party. Gorgeous Desserts like these keep us drooling over it.