Celebrate Bisu Parba With Tulunadu Inspired Appealing Brunch Menu

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Different regions of the country have a specific festival which marks the start of the New Year. While Ugadi/Yugadi is the festival for Karnataka, Bisu or Vishu festival is the day of New Year for Tulu region of Karnataka, that includes, Mangalore, Udupi, Kasargod. The New Year for Kerala and Tamil Nadu is also on the same day, April 14th of every year. This day marks the Solar New Year, called “Bisu Parba” in Tulu.

Bisu Parba also celebrates the harvest of the previous year and sowing for the New Year begins with Bisu. In Bisu Parba, the harvest is offered to God and is worshipped in farming houses, which is called the “Bisu Kani”. This “Bisu Kani” is practiced among the farmers. With shrinking agriculture, the other families go visit the farmers’ houses, or their ancestral houses, or temples where the harvest is worshipped. The families that offer “Bisu Kani” take blessings from elders and do also visit their relatives’ houses after symbolic sowing the new crop.

Tulu breakfast on the day of Bisu Parba consists of “Moode recipe” which is similar to Kadubu and “Uddina dose recipe” (lentil dosa). For lunch, huli/sambar, palya/stir fries and Payasam is served with steamed rice and other accompaniments. Prepare a Tuluva inspired brunch this “Bisu Parba” and enjoy with the members of your family.


South Indian festive meals are served in a plantain leaf (Baale ele) and the accompaniments are served first, followed by main course meal. Make Kosambari Recipe With Raw Mango, Cucumber, Carrot And Beetroot to start the meals. Characteristic Sweet And Sour Lemon Pickle serve as a accompaniment with rice and side dishes. Ellu Chutney (Sesame Seeds Chutney Recipe) and Coconut Peanut Chutney Recipe are accompaniments for lentil dosas served for this brunch. Along the meals, Pineapple Gojju Recipe goes well to pair with steamed rice, and Bannada Saute bolu huli. Tondekaayi palya or Dondakkai / Kovakkai Poriyal Recipe is also a side dish for the traditionally prepared festive meal. You can make elai vadam which is similar to rice happala of Tulunadu.

Main Course

For main course prepare Mixed Millet And Lentils Adai Recipe which is essentially a lentils dosa recipe that is prepared solely for breakfast. Also prepare steamed rice, which is the main dish and Thouthe Kodel Recipe (Mangalore Southekayi Curry) made with either bhindi or Mangalorean cucumbers. Traditionally, Kadle Kaalu Saru Recipe which is Black Chickpea Curry Recipe is also prepared for the second serving of rice and the third serving of rice is paired with Udupi Tomato Rasam Recipe and the meal ends with Pudina Buttermilk Recipe and rice which completes the main course.


No festive meal in India is complete without the dessert. Usually for Bisu Parva, dessert made with lentils or chana dal is served to complete the festive meal. Make Paruppu Payasam Recipe which is Stewed Lentil, Coconut Milk & Jaggery Pudding, or prepare the Karnataka Style Kashi Halwa Recipe With Ash Gourd to end the meal on a sweet note.