Karnataka cuisine is considered as one of the oldest cuisine that has been survived since Iron Age. The cuisine has offered a lot to the neighboring states such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala and Maharashtra in shaping up their cuisine. As every region’s ingredients change depending on the place, even Karnataka’s cuisine is widely divided based on its local produce and region. 

When you have dinner parties at home, it is a great idea to prepare a lot of partial prep and cooking in advance, isn’t it? We would love to engage socially in conversation with friends, when they arrive, rather than being held in cooking. Panna Cotta is a delicious idea of a make ahead dessert.

Mangalore is a quaint city in the state of Karnataka which is home to glorious and amazing food. The food gets its flavor from mustard seeds and fried red chillies. Sesame seeds, tamarind, yogurt and fresh coconut also add a distinct taste to it. Being a port city, fish is a staple food in their diet, and the cuisine has influences from the Portuguese as well. Vegetables like drumstick, okra, pumpkin, yam et al make a reappearance in Mangalorean cuisine.

The spectacularly serene state of Kashmir is famous not just for its visual appeal, but also for its mouth watering delicacies which are both unique and authentic. Kashmiri food is subtle when it comes to taste, but is rich in flavors owing to the use of hot spices like cloves, cardamom, ginger, fennel, cinnamon, saffron et al. Having influenced by the Mughals, Kashmiri cuisine has evolved over thousand of years and vastly consists of non vegetarian dishes with the primary ingredients being fish, mutton, chicken etc.

After the usual weekday food, we crave for something delicious during the weekends. While some of us prefer going out and dining during the end of the week, some of us prefer house parties with our friends and family. When it comes to house parties, the focus goes on the food. As our friends visit and family gather, we always want to chit chat a little bit over drinks and appetisers before moving on to the main course.

Soya Chunks, as we all know is very rich in proteins and is always compared to meat in terms of its nutritional content. One more reason to choose Soy Chunks is that it is even low in fat. Research says 1 cup of Soy Chunks contain 54.2 grams of protein, which exceeds the amount of protein found in meats, eggs, milk and wheat.

Every day cooking at home makes us buy a lot of vegetables together, to make our lives easier. Especially for the people who have busy schedules during the weekdays, finds it easy to shop for the vegetables at one go during the weekends and store them in the fridge. Usually, we don't plan our daily menu and cook according to what is available in the fridge. Sometimes we make a side dish out of it or sometimes a main course dish. 

Bengali cuisine is known for its non-vegetarian dishes. But what we also should know, is its versatility when it comes to vegetarian recipes as well. Characterised by regional masalas like panch phoron, ingredients like coconut and poppy seeds, steaming and slow cooking methods – Bengali recipes are a notch higher like the politely spoken Bengali language itself.

Cauliflower is a member of the cruciferous family along with vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, et al, and is considered one of the healthiest vegetables and with good reason so. It provides a rich supply of health boosting phytochemicals and anti inflammatory composites. This is one vegetable that deserves to be added in your diet on a regular basis as it is packed with an array of nutrients like vitamins, minerals et al.

A cup of hot masala chai and some samosas are enough to enjoy a rainy day. With monsoons just around the corner, we all think of some recipes which we can make to enjoy the weather. We all have that memory of childhood, when our mothers used to make hot snacks or our father used to get piping hot samosas from market. Well, you can always revive the old memories by making different types of Samosas at home.

If you are anything like us, getting your sluggish self to go on with your daily activities without the boost of coffee might be an absolute task. Coffee is literally the foundation of our food pyramid and we gawk in awe at those who can function without it. We have an OCD (PS. obsessive coffee disorder) when it comes to this bitter sweet beverage.

When you think of pies, all you can think of is sweet dessert pies, but here we have some delicious and delightful savoury pies just for you. Savoury pies are a satisfyingly filling food perfect for days when the temperatures are lower than usual. Their delicious aroma is sure to warm you up in heavenly ways.

Italian cuisine is one of the all-time favourite cuisines among food lovers. Pasta, pizza, wine and cheese are a lot popular in Italy and so is Frittata. Eggs are the main ingredient in frittata but they differ from omelettes since cheese and veggies are added along and cooked on one side, either by pan frying or baking. Pasta and meat are also added to make variants of frittata. These are either mixed with spiced eggs or plain egg whites or artistically layered one after the other, making it a complete treat to the taste buds.

With the everyday chaos, hectic schedules and busy lives, it is very important to take care of our body by providing them necessary nutrients. Protein is one of the most important nutrient and is essential for the body. There are many food items which are high in protein and one of them is Sprouts. 

Eating properly and right is very important for your kids, especially in summers. Travelling and playing in this scorching heat, absorbs their energy. So it is very important for them to eat on time and something which is filled with essential nutrients. When it comes to fulfil the nutrients level, we always deal with a dilemma to what to cook which is healthy, filling and is enjoyed by the kids at the same time.

When you ask someone about their favourite vegetable, you will rarely hear radish being one. Radish is a juicy root vegetable with a pungently sweet taste to it. In India they are popularly known as Mooli. Radishes can be white, red, purple or black, and when it comes to shape, they can be long, round or cylindrical. Some radishes grow in winter, while some in spring summer. The white radish variety known as Daikon which is commonly found in India, is a spring-summer vegetable. 

South Indian cuisine is famous for their varieties of Rasams and a meal during the festivals or any special occasion does not feel complete without it.  Its ingredients have intense digestive properties, making it lighter on the tummy and ease digestion as well and that's the reason Rasam is preferred to have at the end of the meal with steamed rice. Each variety of Rasam is different from one another in their taste and texture. Rasam can be sweet, spicy, tangy or a fusion of all the three. Rasam like the Pepper Rasam can be a blessing for people suffering from cold or throat infection. 

Summer is a time in India when everyone searches for solace from the scorching sun in coolant foods and beverages. Being majorly tropical except for the North Indian Temperate climate, the climate is real hot when the summers arrive, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Middle Eastern states experience extreme heat during day time. We need to keep ourselves hydrated at all times during summer and one of the best ways to do it is through consuming lot of liquids and foods that have high water content and are light on stomach.

Looking for healthy alternatives to popular Indian snacks? Try these Guilt Free Snack Recipes right now.

Every Indian cuisine is known for its taste and flavour because of local spices and style of cooking. Eating a particular cuisine everyday can be boring sometimes, so why not try dishes from different regions and surprise your friends and family with something different.

When we think of Andhra, we can only think of the spicy food that keeps us drooling over it, right from Gongura Pachadi to spicy chilli chicken. The authentic Andhra cuisine usually contain red chills, tamarind, dal and tomatoes as essential ingredients. Spicy variants of sabzi's, pickles, chutneys and fritters are an integral part of Andhra cuisine. A typical Andhra meal consists of Pickles, Pachadis, Vegetable Palyam, Pulusu, Biryani, Papads, Pappu, Rasam, and Podis. A telugite would understand what we are talking about. Andhra Recipes are easy to cook to make and just needs the basic ingredients from your kitchen. 

Monsoon is just around the corner! The smell of wet mud, the cool breeze, the pleasant weather and of course the rain, brings a wide smile on our face. As the weather becomes nice and pleasant, we get some relief from the scorching heat and on the other hand we get to eat some delicious snacks too. As soon as it rains, one thing that comes to our mind is ‘Chai and Pakoda’! Well, everyone craves for some mouth watering and piping hot snacks which goes well along with their evening cup of tea or coffee during rains.

European cuisine is a groundbreaker of many recipes and a variety of baked casseroles is one of them. Baked casseroles usually aim at main course food which is also a one pot recipe for a meal. Among such one pot recipes from cuisines around the world, Gratins are the popular food that originate in France and is made in an oven proof dish.

Mango is known as the king of fruits and rightly so. Ripe mangoes have a rosy skin covering the golden flesh which is juicy, sweet and tastes absolutely divine. Mangoes are ingested all around the world in different dishes, ranging from desserts, savoury, curry, smoothies et al. The delicious taste of mangoes overpowers its health benefits. People often forget that not only are these super tasty, but have some amazing nutritional benefits too.