9 Delicious Recipes That Are Perfect For Your Kids' Summer Party

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Summer is here and so is the holiday season for kids, and what better time for them to relax without having to worry about pending homeworks, assignments, tests et al.

After the stressful exam season, the kids just want to have a great summer with their friends. It could mean staying in and beating the other at a game of Counter Strike, or hitting the pool to beat the heat. But what remains constant through all the activities is the company of friends and the demand for tasty food. 

This weekend let your kids and their friends not only enjoy some otherwise widely ignored cardio, but also some delicious food they would love you for. The kids can get a little fussy when it comes to food and more so over the holidays when their cravings hit a sky high. So, to make your life a little simpler, we have put together some recipes that your kids and their friends will love. These recipes are perfect for kids' summer parties, pool parties et al. They make for a great kid friendly menu. 

So what are you waiting for, prepare these recipes and have your the kids beaming with absolute joy!