6 Healthy & Delicious Bread Recipes You Can Bake At Home

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Breads are the best option to have in breakfast when we are in jiffy and want to have a quick breakfast that is healthy and fills our stomach at the same time. Just apply some flavoured butter on top and there, you have a yummy breakfast ready! These can also be served as a snack with your hot cup of tea or coffee during tea time break.

We usually buy the breads from market. Markets are filled with different type of breads, from white bread, brown bread to multigrain breads there are many available in the bakeries or the local grocery shops. While just roasting it and eating it with some jam or butter is a good idea, you can always use these breads to make sandwiches, garlic breads and similar side dishes. These flavoured breads also makes a great accompaniment with one dish meals such as soups, pastas, salads etc.

Well, these breads are easy to make and tastes even better when you eat them fresh. So next time, you want to eat these breads, prepare them at home. Therefore, we have lined up some recipes which you can make at home. These breads are delicious, full of flavour and can be made in very less time with few ingredients.