8 Mouth-Watering Meal Combos Inspired From Kashmiri Cuisine

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The land of valleys-Kashmir is also loved for the unique and drool worthy recipes from the native cuisine. One can find the rich influence of Mughal cuisine and the cooking styles of Muslims and Kashmiri Pundits integrated into the various recipes from Kashmiri cuisine. Rice pilaf are the heart of food in Kashmir, we must mention. Rice is plated with delicious and a wide variety of curries and side dishes that are predominantly either dairy based, meat based or usually both.

Yogurt is generously used in many vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies and is also used to marinate mutton and other meats. Desi ghee is another characteristic feature of Kashmiri cuisine. There is abundant use of cloves, cinnamon, fennel seeds, saffron strands and predominantly mustard oil in cooking most of the dishes. Kashmiri red chillies originate in this region which are less spicy to taste but impart a fiery red colour when used. This distinguishes Kashmiri cuisine from North Indian cuisine.

To try the much famous Kashmiri cuisine, all you need to do is make perfect combinations of veg and non veg meals and cook it in Kashmiri style with the cuisine specific ingredients and to follow the recipe. Here are 8 amazing combinations of Kashmiri recipes that will leave you in awe with their taste. Pick and try the combos when you have and best of your kith and kin at home for lunch and your culinary expertise will be loved! Dive right in and find the recipes to cook for your next gathering from this Kashmiri inspired menu combinations.