6 Snack Combinations To Enjoy With Your Hot Cup Of Tea/Coffee

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It is usually said that we should eat three meals a day, but we end up getting hungry after 2 to 3 hours after each meal. While you can munch on small snacks between breakfast and lunch as their is a short gap, we need something filling during our tea time with our Chai/Coffee to beat our hunger till dinner.

There are so many snacks which one can serve with our favourite cup of beverage. From sandwiches, pakoras, cookies to dry snacks, serve options to your friends and family to enjoy that one cup of tea. You can also serve these tea snack combinations to your guests when they pay you a visit. They are easy to make and is enjoyed by each and everyone in the family. The cookies and dry snacks can be made in advance and stored in an air tight container, so that you can enjoy them for days.

Also, the rainy season is just around the corner and it has even started raining in some regions. So what can be better than enjoying hot snacks with Masala Chai/Coffee. So make these snacks at home and spend some quality time with your friends and family over delicious snacks.

Here, We bring you 6 lip smacking and filling combinations to have with your tea/coffee for your tea time break.