5 Lunch Combinations That You Can Pack For Your Office

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We all have busy schedules during the weekdays, whether its going to the work yourself or sending your kids to school and family for work. Everyday, we go through a dilemma about what to cook in the morning for lunch which is filling, tasty and meet our daily nutrient requirements. Also the food should be apt for your kids too. As much as eating healthy lunch is important, its also necessary to take a break from all the hectic morning targets and get more energy so that you can work the whole day with same energy and mood. 

On the other hand, it is important that the food gets prepared in less time so that our life becomes easier in the morning. You can also prepare some of the ingredients for these dishes in the night and keep so that it becomes easy for you to cook in the morning. For instance, chopping the vegetables, making onion or tomato paste or preparing the masalas.

Therefore, we have lined up five Indian lunch combinations which are easy, tasty and filling. These dishes gets prepared in less time and are liked by everyone in the family.