Indulge In These 18 Delectable And Traditional Recipes On Easter

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Easter marks the celebration of rebirth of Jesus Christ from the dead, the celebration is also associated with certain rituals and as well as the most awaited Easter Traditional Feast. After the 40 days of lent, people would rejoice the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection with a glass of wine and a marvelous meal with their loved ones with warm hearts.

The Easter customs starts with a holy week such as the “Palm Sunday” (Triumphal entry of Jesus to Jerusalem), “Monty Thursday “(Jesus washing of the disciples feet), “Good Friday” (Jesus Christ death on the Cross), “Easter Sunday” (The resurrection of Jesus Christ).

The Traditional Easter customs is then followed by the Easter games such as Egg rolling, Egg tapping, Confetti Eggs and Egg decorating. These games are originated mainly from Easter eggs which is considered to be one of the favorite among kids. The whole concept of Easter eggs started as symbolism of empty tomb that Jesus left after his resurrection from the tomb. It also depicts the symbol of fertility and rebirth. So now a day people decorate it with various colors and make them from chocolates as a custom and are used to play various games.

The food made during the Easter Sunday vary from region to region. The usual lunch or dinner is prepared with an elaborate set of dishes placed on the long table at their dining area or even placed outdoors to enjoy along with the scenic beauty outside.

The typical dishes include one main roast which are generally made from lamb or Goat that is accompanied along with some roasted potatoes and peas. Then a wonderful “Jus” which is a thin gravy that is made from the leftover juice of the meat while it was roasting. Sometimes there are various types of Salami also placed. The desserts are usually pies that are baked with ricotta cheese and has a whole wheat crust.

But the customs and tradition has been changed when compared to the olden days. In the recent days, people started creating dishes that are innovative yet keep the same cooking method intact. Based on the trend that is being following now, we have come up with a range of lip smacking Easter food that would make you drool worthy to try them for your loved ones on this auspicious day.

Start with a Simple Salad:

Salads are important part of the meal, it helps to cleanse the palate and builds up your appetite. The salad that we chose are simple, fresh and will help rejuvenate your plate for more.

Don’t Forget the Easter Eggs:

As Easter cannot be complete without Easter eggs we have gathered for you few delectable Egg recipes that can served as an Appetizers for your meal.

Easter feast for Non Vegetarians:

As mentioned earlier the Easter Dinner is not done without a roast of a meat. So we put together some easy and simple recipes that will help you come up with divine Main Course Meals which you can’t stop eating them.

Easter feast for even Vegetarians:

The vegetarians equally deserve to eat some festival food during the Easter feast. So at Archana’s Kitchen we have come up vegetarian dishes that can have you lick the food till the last bites.

Sides to munch on:

As most of the dishes are gravy based we would obviously like to eat some breads that accompany well with the main course.

End your meal with some Divine Dessert:

Nothing can end better if there is a sweet ending to it. Easter desserts are always the icing on the cake.