Putting together meals on an everyday basis, with perfect combinations be it Indian or continental requires effort and planning. Although serving different elements on a plate, is the classic way of serving meals at home, serving complete meals in a bowl, with elements sitting next to each other is a great idea. 

As the weekend approaches, all of our planning our outings and chores to be completed. Apart from work that needs to be completed that is specially kept for the weekends,all of us like to relax, spend some time at home with our families, catch up with each other, as we have otherwise been busy during the week.Bond over some home made goodies and meals, watch a movie maybe or just take a nap.Each of us like to spend our time differently. Above all meeting and catching up over food is by far the most popular.

Baking is something most of us love, be it watching someone do it or even better when we have to get our hands dirty in the kitchen. To get started, we need some basic ingredients handy to whip up, even the easiest of recipes, so here is a list, that will help you out.

PUNJAB, which means a place where 5 rivers meet, is one of those states which is famous for its lush green fields, colorful clothes, friendly people, but most importantly its food. People from all over the world visit Punjab to taste its food, which is rich in taste and flavour. From Sarson Da Saag to Butter Chicken, each and every dish has its own taste and is so different due to the use of local masalas and homemade Makhan (Butter). Here, we will tell you about some of the best recipes from the Punjabi Cuisine and their culture:

We always end up looking for quick recipes which every member of the family enjoys and also which we can  serve for breakfast or pack for kids lunch box and even serve up as evening snacks- well the solution for all  is making an open toast. An Open Toast is made up of a slice of bread topped with one or more savoury or sweet food item. 

Parsis are yet a small community in our nation. Parsis essentially are the followers of the Iranian prophet Zoroaster.  This small yet exclusive community, are mostly settled in Mumbai. Their culture is unique and varies from that of the other communities.  They have their own style of traditional clothes, authentic food and traditions and customs specific to them. Their food by far is something you really shouldn't miss out on. The Parsi cuisine is one such cuisine, which include both traditional vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. 

Talk about Gujarat and the first thing that comes to our mind is their sumptuous food. Snacks and farsan as they call it. Gujarati cuisine though is entirely vegetarian and uses little or no onion and garlic.  One of the most common snacks of the Gujaratis are the Dhoklas that we can't really miss. 

Across our Indian continent, live people from diverse cultures, speaking different regional languages, varying cuisines, and various rituals.  Each of these are communities, where many a times the people live in a specific region and dwell together. One such community is that of the Sindhis. 

When you got food on your mind, each of us picture a good looking dish in front of us that tastes absolutely delicious. Be it sweet or savoury, we are looking for a meal that is great in taste and flavoured well. The flavours of sweet, spicy, tangy all need to be balanced well in order to satisfy all your taste buds.  No flavour, that is too much is accepted well by the palate. All of us like the perfect amount of heat, tang and sweetness in a dish. 

With so many healthy options doing the rounds around health and fitness, a lot of us are looking to better our life style by upping our game. Be it healthy eating, exercising or even decluttering our mindsets.  A healthy lifestyle is a combination of elements.  Improvising just one single aspect isn't just enough. 

Coffee is one such beverage that people drink across the world. Be it hot or cold, a lot of us love drinking it. The coffee lovers out there will appreciate coffee in any form, from coffee in hot/cold beverages to coffee in desserts and chocolates.  Here are a list of coffee desserts that you would love to try in your kitchen and serve your family and friends. 

Amongst the many breads in the Indian cuisine, like the roti, phulka, paratha, kulcha, poori, bhatura, another one is the naan.  Naan is an Indian bread, that is made with the addition of yeast in the dough, that is flattened by hand , usually elongated in shape, cooked in a tandoor.  'Naan' is a persian word which means 'bread''. 

Himachal Pradesh, a Northern State in Himalayas which is a home to scenic mountains and has many tourist destinations like Shimla, Dalhousie, Manali and Dharamshala. Dharamshala, is also a host to Dalai Lama, the reason it is a home to Tibetan people. Along with its scenic locations, food here is also very famous and is enjoyed by the tourists too. In Dharamshala, Tibetan Food is very famous such as Thukpa, Momos etc. Most of the food is steamed or boiled, therefore it is considered very healthy. 

Pickles is that condiment element that brings the zing on your plate.  The entire mixture of the vegetable or fruit used in laced in spices and oils to bring out that lovely flavour. Different regions make pickles differently, from the main ingredient used to the method applied, core ingredients, choice of spices, choice of oil is used. 

India is a country which has so many delicious and interesting cuisines where one particular vegetable can be made in so many different ways. Every cuisine has its own flavour and taste due to the use of local masalas and style of cooking. There is one such cuisine where the food is so delicious that if we eat it once, we will crave for it more and more. That cuisine is Maharashtrian, from the land of Marathas which has a lot to offer for food lovers.

 All of us need a break from our hectic routines. Be it from work or just from our mundane everyday cyclic tasks. Often to break monotony, short weekend getaways, or a day's trip in and around the city, or just a simple picnic to a nearby spot is a good idea.  As the family together decides the venue, their mode of transport, another important part is the edible knick knacks that we carry to be part of our relaxing outing. 

Street food is very popular all over the world and when it comes to India there are many dishes such as Chaat, Rolls, Indo Chinese, South Indian Dosa etc which are sold in every part of India and is enjoyed by the people. Today, we will talk about one of India’s favourite street snack, wraps or rolls.

Each of us have a unique style and distinctive methods of cooking, we have our own approach to make a specific dish.  We tend to cater to the needs and liking of our family members, while some like their food robust and spicy, crispy and crunchy, others might like their food rather simple, subtly spiced, just about cooked, with not too much oil. Here are popular cooking techniques we can use in our kitchens, that result in different textures of our food and flavours vary accordingly. 

Get togethers are a tradition in most of the Indian households when there is a festival or special occasion. Family and friends come together at one place dressed in their best attire to celebrate this special occasion. And when we talk about celebration, first thing that comes to our mind is FOOD. Every special occasion in India is widely celebrated with food. Therefore, when we organise a house party or a get together, we make sure that there is a variety of food which will be liked by everyone. 

Come dinner parties and house parties, we begin planning our menus, from the drinks to dessert, that includes short eats, appetizers, main course and the sweet dish. Each of us feel good, when the food we have cooked and put out is appreciated. 

What's a chilly windy evening, while you watch it rain outside your window, snuggled up with your quilt, with socks and a sweater on, while watching Netflix, no points of guessing that all that's really missing here is a sinful bowl of decadent saucy dessert right out of the oven, served to you with a scoop of ice cream.  

When we talk about main course, there are so many options which belongs to different regions from India. But what if you get hungry in between these heavy meals? The answer is snacks. We think this is the best way to satisfy your hunger when you are hungry in between the meals.

We are often found in a fix, when planning meals ! What shall we make for breakfast, lunch and dinner?! Then comes the most challenging of them all, snacks. We want to provide our family with wholesome nutritious meals that taste great without compromising on anything, be it the taste or the nutrients required. 

Come 15th August of the year 2018, we will be celebrating 72 years of Independence, since the first time in 1947. Our sense of patriotism, tends to be awakened during this national festivals if not otherwise. There's a sense of pride when you look back at our rich culture and heritage, that includes the regional festivals we follow, to our food and culture, rituals and routines, to the attire we wear.