27 Parsi Recipes You Would Love To Try In Your Kitchen

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Parsis are yet a small community in our nation. Parsis essentially are the followers of the Iranian prophet Zoroaster.  This small yet exclusive community, are mostly settled in Mumbai. Their culture is unique and varies from that of the other communities.  They have their own style of traditional clothes, authentic food and traditions and customs specific to them. Their food by far is something you really shouldn't miss out on. The Parsi cuisine is one such cuisine, which include both traditional vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. 

Parsi cuisine is nice and delectable, smooth on the palate. They absolutely love their eggs, dal and mutton. Their spices include a robust Homemade Dhansak Masala Powder Recipe, a simple dhana- jeera masala powder, added in most of their dishes. 

They made bun maska popular, and especially in the Irani-Parsi cafes across Mumbai. Bun Maska is a simple sweet bun slathered generously with butter and eaten as an evening snack with chai. 

Apart from that their classics include Dhansak, Berry Pulao, Akoori, Poro, Patra Ni Machi, Russian Pattice, Mawa Cake, Nankhatais, Lagan Nu Custard to name a few. 

Parsi Restaurants today are equally popular as much as South Indian and North Indian serving restaurants. Some of the iconic parsi restaurants are found in Mumbai. Britannia, SodaBottleOpenerWala, Kayani are a few popular ones.  The Parsi feast is called the Parsi Bhonu and their wedding feast are called Lagan Nu Bhonu.  This Parsi Cuisine overall will simply leave you licking your fingers. 

So wait no more and try these parsi recipes in your kitchen.