16 Incredible Coffee Dessert Recipes That You Will Adore

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Coffee is one such beverage that people drink across the world. Be it hot or cold, a lot of us love drinking it. The coffee lovers out there will appreciate coffee in any form, from coffee in hot/cold beverages to coffee in desserts and chocolates.  Here are a list of coffee desserts that you would love to try in your kitchen and serve your family and friends. 

The coffee bean has such a rich flavour, that the aroma of roasting the coffee beans or just brewing your morning coffee will leave you feeling so good. 

Coffee, is the main ingredient used in various beverages such as cappuccino, lattes, espresso, cold coffees and in classic desserts like tiramisu, opera cake, affogato, mocha mousse. 

It is said that our state of Karnataka is the largest producer of coffee in the country. Down south of India, filter coffee is a popular way of making coffee, where pure coffee powder is brewed with hot water in a special utensil called coffee filter.  This gives us the decoction, which makes the base of the filter coffee, topping it with boiling hot milk, gives us the filter coffee, that is ready to be served. 

The other quick way of drinking coffee is using the instant coffee granules that is easily available in the supermarkets.  Using instant coffee and filter coffee in desserts lend different flavours to the desserts respectively. 

Coffee desserts are often paired with other flavours like vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and caramel. Coffee also pairs well with nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts.  The sky's the limit to the ways in which you can pair and use coffee in your desserts. 

So, go ahead and try these desserts and tell us how did you innovate your other desserts to add the twist of coffee in it.