8 Delicious Mithai Recipes With A Twist Perfect For That Sweet Craving

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India is a country with different religions, and with different religions comes various festivals that are widely celebrated all over India. When it comes to festivals, we can only think about FOOD. From starters, main course to desserts, we have so many varieties that we can make during these occasions, and the best part about it is ''Mithai". As festival season is around the corner, we have lined up some delicious desserts with a twist that you can make at home and impress your friends and family.

Some of the biggest festivals of India, RAKHI and DIWALI are approaching and we can only think about different types of sweets that we offer in Pujas and serve to our guests to celebrate this auspicious festival.

Gulab Jamun, Kaju Katli, Ghevar, Ras Malai, Boondi Ladoo, Badam Ka Halwa, Moong Dal Halwa, Rasgulla, Bengali Sweets, Kheer, Barfi etc are the usual sweets that is often made or bought from store during Diwali. Well, no one can gets bored of these mithais, but if you are looking to make something unique out of your traditional desserts, then your search is over. 

If you are organizing a house party at your home this Diwali, then you have the best occasion to make these unique and mouthwatering desserts. So what are you waiting for? Plan your house party and surprise everyone with these oh-so-delicious Fusion desserts that everyone will absolutely love!

  • 1. Shahi Tukda Gajar Halwa Shots With Rabri Recipe

    A twist to the traditional and popular Indian Dessert Gajar Ka Halwa, Shahi Tukda Gajar Halwa Shots With Rabri Recipe is a fusion between Gajar Halwa and Shahi Tukda.

    Assembled in a shot glass, this delicious sweet have just the right amount of the carrot pudding flavoured with cardamom and creamy Rabri with saffron. It is finished off with a slice of ghee fried bread laced in rose water. 

  • 2. Rose Flavoured Shahi Tukda Recipe

    Who doesnt like Shahi Tukda? Delicious and easy to make, Shahi Tukda is an Indian dessert which is basically a variant of a bread pudding made of fried bread slices served with rabri.

    In this recipe, we have included rose water which gives it a distinctive sweetish flavour and aroma.

  • 3. Kesar Paneer Ki Kheer Recipe - Cottage Cheese Milk Pudding

    We all love Paneer as well as Kheer, but have you ever tried to make the combination of these two?Kesar Paneer Ki Kheer Recipe is a quick and simple dessert that you can make when you have unexpected guests at home.

    The taste and flavors of this kheer is similar to the rasmalai. In this dish, paneer is added as a crumble into the condensed milk and cooked. Yummy, isn't it?

  • 4. Mango Sago Kheer Recipe - Sabudana Kheer With Mangoes

    Mango Sago Kheer, is a delectable sabudana Kheer which will be loved by all Mango lovers. If mangoes are not available, you can use Mango pulp to make this dish.

    We have also added cardamom powder which makes it even more delicious. Make this Kheer on festivals or even for your special occasions. 

  • 5. A Creamy & Delicious Gulkand Kulfi Recipe

    We remember eating Gulkand from the bottles in our childhood, but what if we say ypu can make a Gulkand Kulfi and enjoy it during the coming festivals.

    Gulkand Kulfi Recipe makes a great twist to the classic Kulfi recipe where milk is thickened and nuts are added to it and set in kulfi moulds. In this recipe, we have added a twist to the traditional kulfi by adding Gulkand to make it more refreshing and inviting.


  • 6. Gulab Jamun Trifle Recipe

    Gulab Jamun, one the most popular Mithais In India has a new twist, Gulab Jamun Trifle. It is a rich, delicious, cold dessert prepared with layers of custard and gulab jamun. 

    This Diwali, instead of serving the usual gulab jamuns, you can make this trifle and impress your friends and family. 

  • 7. Orange Rasmalai Recipe (Indian Cottage Cheese Pudding)

    Orange Rasmalai, a delicious and full of flavour twist to the traditional recipe where the Rasmalais are flavored with oranges.

    Rasmalai is a very popular Indian dessert which is small dumplings are made using fresh chenna. These small dumplings are cooked in a sugar syrup and then soaked in flavored, lightly condensed milk.

  • 8. Masala Chai Kulfi Recipe With Bourbon Chocolate Syrup

  • 9. Oats Apple Phirni Recipe

    Oats Apple Phirni, a healthy twist to your Indian desserts and is also low in calories. This requires minimal ingredients and can be made in minutes. Apple is added in this phirni to give it an extra flavour and taste. 

    You can make this healthy and mouth watering Phirni for your House Parties, Potluck parties or for any other special occasion.

  • 10. Thandai Shrikhand Tart Recipe

    Shrikhand is a creamy sweet hung curd, mildly flavored with crushed cardamom and saffron strands that is popular all over India and is usually eaten during festivals. 

    In this recipe we are making a Thandai Shrikhand Tart which uses low fat, rich and creamy hung yogurt or greek yogurt and involves no cooking. The Thandai Shrikhand Tart Recipe is a twist to the original adding rich flavors for the holi festival.