16 Sweet & Savoury Recipes That Use Greek Yogurt

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Amongst the popular food trends, the Greek Yogurt seems to be doing the rounds. Essentially Greek Yogurt is a kind of yogurt where the whey has been strained off and you are left with creamy thick yogurt. 

This rich yogurt of a super thick consistency, is said to have originated in the Middle East. Just like there's nothing French about French toasts, likewise there's nothing Greek about Greek Yogurt. It is said, that since many Greek dishes use thick, creamy yogurt with all the whey strained out, it might have been related to the Greek cuisine and hence the name. 

Making greek yogurt, is rather simple at home. Here is India most of us popularly called it hung yogurt. 

Firstly use curd/yogurt made from whole milk, which can be made at home or use store bought yogurt. This full fat yogurt needs to be placed in a strainer that has a fine mesh. 

This yogurt needs to be hung overnight in order to allow all the whey to drain off. After a god 12 hours, the excess whey would've drained off and you will be left with a yogurt of great consistency that is thick and creamy. 

Greek yogurt has some very good health benefits like: 

  • Packed with proteins 
  • Rich in probiotic 
  • High in calcium 
  • Great substitute to other unhealthy spreads 

Greek yogurt is used both is recipes that are made sweet and savoury. 

It is used to make sweet recipes like mousse, cheesecake, parfaits, breakfast smoothies, and popsicles to name a few. 

Savoury recipes include, bruschettas, dips like sour cream and tzatziki, coleslaw, and baked eggplant.  

So head to your kitchens and make your homemade greek yogurt to make these lip smacking recipes.