5 Delicious Mexican Meal Ideas To Serve Over The Weekend

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As the weekend approaches, all of our planning our outings and chores to be completed. Apart from work that needs to be completed that is specially kept for the weekends,all of us like to relax, spend some time at home with our families, catch up with each other, as we have otherwise been busy during the week.Bond over some home made goodies and meals, watch a movie maybe or just take a nap.Each of us like to spend our time differently. Above all meeting and catching up over food is by far the most popular.

While some of us like to eat out, some others like to stir up meals at home for their loved ones.Special meals made with love, served to our families, leaving them licking their fingers.Choosing the dishes to go on the menu that are liked by all age groups, be it the young or the old.

One such cuisine is Mexican that most of them enjoy. Packed with flavors and made spicy, from nachos to quesadillas, tacos to fajitas, these dishes are appreciated by a lot of us.Mexican food is not only packed with flavours but includes a lot of vegetables and ingredients like beans which are packed with proteins, making it healthy.

These meals need not be served only during the weekends but can also be served during the week with good planning and preparation.

Three course meals that include an appetizer, a main course dish and a dessert for both vegetarians and non vegetarians with a drink by the side are a few option we have put out for you to choose from.

So get ahead and choose the meal you will be cooking for your family this weekend.

Veg Meal: Loaded Nachos, Mexican Sizzler, Tres Leche

Non Veg Meal: Lime Chicken, Cottage Cheese & Chicken Enchiladas, Churros

Veg Meal: Spicy Corn Tacos , Burrito Bowl, Chilli Chocolate Cake

Non Veg Meal: Chicken Taquitos, Fried Rice, Meat Ball Chilli Stew, Dulce De Leche

Veg Meal: Chimichangas, Fajitas, Creme Caramel Flan